Resume Review

Are you a recent college graduate who is looking for a teaching position and still has not landed a position? 

Did you spend tens of thousands of dollars earning an education degree and have the passion to teach but haven’t had success in obtaining your dream teaching job?

Well, maybe your resume is the reason and we can help! You have spent a great deal of time and money getting your degree now it's time to invest in your preparation for getting the job you desire in education. Many colleges and universities do a fabulous job training you to be a teacher but do very little in helping you land your first job. That’s where our service can make a difference. The time is now to invest in your preparation for landing that position.

Our resume service can help you increase your odds of getting that interview.

Resume Review

Our services include… 

—Resume review, feedback, and detailed suggestions. (Flat fee) 

—Cover letter review and an understanding of how the resume and cover letter can work hand in glove (Flat fee)

—Interview preparation and mock interviews (Hourly rate) 

If you are serious about getting the teaching job you have dreamed about, now is the time to act and make sure you are positioned to land that job.

You have invested in your education, now invest in getting that teaching job!

THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THE SUBMISSION OF YOUR RESUME. We will contact you regarding fees, etc.


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