Cafeteria Playground Aide

Barrington Board of Education | Barrington, NJ


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Posted Date 2/12/2024
Expiration Date3/13/2024

Title:  Cafeteria Playground Aide


  1. High school diploma
  2. Minimum experience as determined by the board.
  3. Demonstrated ability to work successfully with children and adults and to perform assigned duties.
  4. Required criminal history background check and proof of S. citizenship or legal resident alien status.

REPORTS TO:             Principal/Cafeteria Manager

JOB GOAL:                             

To assist in the maintenance of an orderly, safe, and pleasant atmosphere in the cafeteria by helping and supervising students at mealtimes.


  1. Supervises students in the cafeteria during meals.
  2. Maintains a system for orderly food purchase by pupils, disposal of food waste, return of trays and utensils.
  3. Sees that students are seated in assigned areas.
  4. Circulates among the tables during mealtime to be available to children who need help or to resolve any minor problems that arise.
  5. Informs assigned teacher of any serious infractions of discipline rules by students.
  6. Ensures the cleanliness of tables and surrounding areas.
  7. Organizes groups for orderly dismissal from the cafeteria.
  8. Performs other related duties as assigned.
  9. Prepares and inspects outside playing area prior to lunch period to ensure student safety.
Type of Job (K-12 or Higher Ed.)

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