Principal / Supervisor

Bergen Center for Child Development | Haworth, NJ

Posted Date 11/17/2021
Expiration Date12/17/2021

Bergen Center for Child Development / Haworth, NJ
NJ Approved Private School for Students with Disabilities Serving Students Ages 5-21
( Student enrollment 25-30 students )
POSITION: INTERIM Principal / Supervisor ( Could lead to a permanent position )
PER DIEM (Immediate vacancy) Must fill position by December 31, 2021
HOURS: 7:45 am - 3:15 pm
YEAR: Immediate Vacancy
PAY SCALE: Competitive / Negotiable / Per Board of Trustees & Executive Director
PROCEDURES: Please e-mail Cover Letter, Resume & Certifications to:

? NJ Principal Certification
? Experience Preferred
? Criminal Background Check - Clearance
? Drug Screening - Clearance
The INTERIM Principal / Supervisor is responsible to act as Director of the school when the Director is
not on the premises. Activities pertaining to decisions and coordination of school activities as described
in the job description of the Director pertain at such times. If a question arises which is not answerable,
as acting Director, contact the President of the Board of Trustees or reach the Director at the location
Responsibilities of the Principal / Instruction are as follows:
• To ensure that the daily operational practices of the school are safe, effective, efficient and
complaint with all state and government entities
• To supervise the ordering of all classroom supplies and to establish if purchases are within
the limits as established in the annual budget
• To be familiar with all New Jersey Rules and Regulations as well as federal compliance
• To coordinate the Master Schedule for the school
• To establish bus monitor schedules as well as lists of bus companies, students transported
and emergency telephone numbers
• To coordinate staff committees for improvements of curriculum
• To provide a resource file for materials, supplies and specific teaching techniques
• To do a minimum of 2 observations on certified staff and 1 evaluation on uncertified
assistant teachers per annum
• To notify classrooms of special events, files available and changes in schedules
• To insure all classes have adequate supplies and to provide coverage when emergencies
• To keep accurate inventory and to disseminate supplies to classrooms

• To meet with parents and teachers pertaining to special techniques for home/school
• To be present at all classroom staffing and employee staffing as needed by each classroom
• To review all student goals and objectives and behavior plans
• To handle disciplinary problems in conjunction with the Director
• To develop new curriculum methodology and techniques
• To establish areas of need and improvement both in teaching, plant operations and social
• To assist in setting up classrooms for appropriate age and classifications
• To coordinate for waivers where necessary
• To check in all materials and supplies purchased in the summer and to update centralized
catalog files of materials and equipment
• To insure student records are up to date and that related services are appropriately
• Any other duties as directed by administration / Executive Director


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