Reading Specialist K-6

Principle Academy Charter School | Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Posted Date 6/24/2022
Expiration Date8/31/2022


Reading Specialist K-6

BASIC FUNCTION (the primary purpose of this position):

Under the general supervision of the School Leader, the primary role of the Reading Specialist is to facilitate student success and academic growth through implementation and coordination of reading support to ensure that all students meet and exceed the New Jersey Department of Education’s State Standards. Achieving excellence requires that the Reading Specialist works collaboratively with students to support their development of reading comprehension skills.


  • Provide high-quality push-in and pull-out instruction using a research-based reading developmental program.
  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of language structure and mastery of multi-sensory and diagnostic instructional techniques.
  • Use a reading diagnostic program with fidelity in order to accelerate and optimize students’ reading achievement.
  • Demonstrate an understanding, appreciation, and compassion for students with various learning styles.
  • Participate in the Individual Education Program (IEP) meetings when necessary to discuss student progress.
  • Provide opportunities for effective staff development that address the needs of the reading program via workshops, coaching, and modeling in which the staff shares successful practices and strategies aligned to goals and initiatives.
  • Support teachers with incorporating multi-sensory instruction into classroom lessons.
  • Model lessons for classroom teachers.
  • Summarize, interpret, and disseminate current developments in instruction, learning theory, and cognitive research through the reading of professional journals, participation in professional development, and involvement in professional organizations. 
  • Identify professional development opportunities to enhance knowledge of reading instruction.
  • Monitor reading programs in alignment with the New Jersey Department of Education’s State Standards to ensure that each student meets and exceeds the Standards, consistent with the mission, philosophy, values, instructional goals of the district and meets all laws, codes and Board policies and regulations by way of the following: 
    • Use of data to identify student and instructional needs; 
    • Clear procedures for the operation and functioning of the various programs; 
    • Curriculum development to meet the State Standards; 
    • Vertical and horizontal articulation of skills and content sequence; 
    • Orientation and assistance for new staff members; 
    • Communication among staff; 
    • Staff development to expand and improve skills; 
    • Analysis of assessments to improve instruction.
  • Collect and analyze data regarding the achievement of students and other pertinent information affecting the design and implementation of reading services and programs.
  • Monitor student progress towards achieving instructional objectives and goals of the overall reading program to ensure that measurable advancement is made by each student towards achieving proficiency.
  • Provide coordination in the implementation of instructional programs and services regularly to encourage the use of a variety of instructional strategies and materials consistent with research on reading instruction.
  • Provide orientation and assistance and monitor the performance of new staff. 
  • Display the highest ethical and professional behavior and standards when working with staff members.
  • Serve as a role model for students, dressing professionally, and demonstrating the importance and relevance of learning, accepting responsibility, and pride in the education profession. 
  • Use effective presentation skills when addressing staff, including appropriate vocabulary and examples, clear and legible visuals, and articulate and audible speech.
  • Use excellent written and oral English skills when communicating with students, parents, and colleagues.
  • Complete in a timely fashion all records and reports as required by law and regulation or requested by administration or management. Answer correspondence promptly.
  • Attend required staff meetings and serve, as appropriate, on staff committees.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: (objective educational or technical training required; skills; and years of experience):

  • Hold a standard Reading Specialist certificate
  • Have experience using a reading developmental research-based program (ex. Wilson, Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Instruction)
  • Have a minimum five (5) years of successful teaching experience
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of child growth and development, effective instructional strategies, learning assessment and diagnosis, and research related to reading instruction.
  • Provide leadership, coordination, collaboration, and innovation in reading instruction, so that each student may drive maximum benefit from the English Language Arts curriculum.
  • Have excellent teaching experience working directly with children and/or in a school setting
  • Demonstrate excellent organizational skills and the ability to motivate people 
  • Exhibit a personality that demonstrates enthusiasm and interpersonal skills to relate well with students, staff, and administration
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing, using proper grammar and vocabulary
  • Demonstrate the ability to use electronic equipment for word processing, data management information retrieval, visual and audio presentations, and telecommunications 
  • Have excellent integrity and demonstrate good moral character and initiative



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