School Security Monitor--After-School Activities/Halsted Middle School

Newton Board of Education | Newton, NJ

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Posted Date 9/11/2019
Expiration Date10/11/2019

QUALIFICATIONS: The School Security Monitor shall hold a high school diploma or equivalent; a valid NJ Drivers License; and a required criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status. The School Security Monitor shall have knowledge of security measures, fire prevention, and crowd control; and an ability to maintain order and to work with groups and individuals on matters of security and crisis management. Law enforcement or security experience is preferred, as is a valid substitute teacher certification with the Sussex County Office of Education. The hours for this position are from 2:30 PM until 6:00 PM, 17.5 hrs./week.

REPORTS TO: Assistant Principal or designee

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Ten (10) Months.  

LENGTH OF DAY: Flexibly arranged as per Administration.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The School Security Monitor shall:

  • Monitor and regulate student behavior in the hallways, cafeteria and other open locations both inside and outside the building
  • Patrol district buildings and grounds to protect against illegal entry, acts of violence, vandalism, illegal drug activity, arson, and theft
  • Patrol school grounds to observe unauthorized persons or vehicles, parking violations, and overall security of the outside area including exterior lighting and emergency access routes
  • Conduct regular inspections of windows, doors, and other points of entry to ensure that they are secure
  • Detain unauthorized persons and call for administrative assistance as needed
  • Participate in the school’s safety and security plan as assigned
  • Notify police, fire department, or other appropriate authority of any situation requiring immediate attention
  • Monitor the arrival and departure of school buses before and after school
  • Observe and report, or remedy, unsafe or problem situations
  • Assist the administration in times of emergency
  • Assist in the practice of fire drills and school security procedures
  • Provide escort and other services to ensure safety and physical well-being
  • Assist the Assistant Principal in investigating unexcused absences and tardies
  • Assist the Assistant Principal in maintaining an effective program of student discipline
  • Assist the Assistant Principal with substance abuse issues
  • Cover classes temporarily, or for the duration of a period if certified to do so when necessary 
  • Provide a visual presence throughout the school


  • The School Security Monitor shall perform all other duties which may be necessary to ensure proper function of the school, as indicated by the administration, including but not limited to before school and evening activities.  The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the administration feels the work is similar or related to the position.



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