English as a Second Language (ESL)

East Newark Board of Education | East Newark, NJ

Posted Date 5/26/2023
Expiration Date6/25/2023

Job Description
English as a Second Language (ESL)
1. Valid New Jersey English as a Second Language (ESL) certificate.
2. Criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status
and a complete physical examination.
REPORTS TO: Supervisor of Special Services
JOB GOAL: To perform in such a way that he/she facilitates, stimulates, and guides the
learning of students and interrelates in a professional manner with other teachers and
community members for the purpose of remediating and assisting students with language
problems as a results of a second language background.
1. Responsible for identifying students who may be eligible for ESL services through teacher
referral, parent referral, administrator referral, Home Language Survey review, Student
Registration form review, and a review of students’ individual records
2. Administers the district-approved screening assessment to identify students who may be
eligible for services
3. Recommends entry and exit of students from the ESL program based on multiple criteria
established by the district.
4. Responsible for notifying parents of a student’s entrance and exit from the ESL program
within the state-mandated time period.
5. Annually administers the state-mandated ACCESS for ELLs assessment to all ESL students
6. Tracks the performance of former ESL students for a minimum of two years using appropriate
forms to ensure continued student success
7. Maintains and communicates accurate and up-to-date data on all Limited English Proficient
students using district-approved forms and procedures.
8. Submits a monthly report to the Director of Special Services and Curriculum and Building
9. Is familiar with all state regulations as they pertain to ESL, as stated in the New Jersey
Administrative Code.
10. Identifies a continuum of long and short-term course objectives consistent with the
district-approved curriculum.
11. Plans, prepares, and delivers lessons for students based on available research of “best
practices” in the field of ESL
12. Selects and/or modifies appropriate learning materials from appropriate sources (texts,
supplements, AV materials, etc.) and shares with regular classroom teachers.
Performance Responsibilities (continued):
13. Consults and collaborates with classroom teachers to provide mainstream support for ESL
14. Maintains ongoing communication with the parents of ESL students.
15. Productively interacts with classroom teachers and child study team members on a regular
basis to monitor the classroom program and needs of ESL students.
16. Is responsible for the review and updating of the ESL curriculum on an annual basis.
17. Participates in district-wide in-servicing as it relates to ESL and bilingual education.
18. Participates in district completion of Bilingual/ESL/ELS Three Year Program Plan and
applicable waiver application process
? Ten (10) month work year.
? Salary as negotiated through the East Newark Education Association
? Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with the
state law and the provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of certified
Board approved: June 22, 2021

Type of Job (K-12 or Higher Ed.)

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