School Business Administrator/ Board Secretary

Cranbury Township School District | Cranbury, NJ


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Posted Date 11/08/2023
Expiration Date12/07/2023

Cranbury Township School District is a K-8 district located in Middlesex County.  Cranbury Twp. maintains a send-receive relationship for 9-12 students with Princeton Public Schools.  

Position Purpose: Under the general supervision of the Chief School Administrator/Principal, to manage the Business Services functions of the district including budget and finance, purchasing, transportation, food services, safety and risk management, and related areas.


  • Valid New Jersey School Business Administrator Certificate or Certificate of Eligibility

  • Qualified Purchasing Agent Certification, preferred

  • Understanding of the principles and practices of financial accounting and reporting procedures consistent with statute, code and GAAP requirements

  • Knowledge of accepted business practices in school districts related to budget preparation and administration, risk management, purchasing, transportation, food services, school plant operations and facility planning

  • Business Office experience in a school district, preferred

  • Demonstrated organizational, communication and interpersonal skills

  • Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S.citizenship or legal resident alien status



  • Assists in the planning and preparation of the annual budget as well as long-term planning in terms of community resources and needs.

  • Works with other administrators, architects, attorneys and financial advisors in planning construction/renovations, contacting and in acquiring suitable finance for constructions and or renovations.

  • In cooperation with administrators and the Board of Education, helps interpret the budget and other applicable major areas of Board operations.

  • Recruits personnel for positions in the areas of school business management including transportation, buildings and grounds, cafeteria, secretarial and bookkeeping.

  • Directs programs of in-service training to improve skills of school business management personnel.

  • Assumes the responsibility for the supervision of maintenance and operation of facilities, in cooperation with other administrators.

  • Is responsible for the operations and maintenance of district-owned buses and contracted transportation services.

  • Is responsible for the business operation of school food services and the efficient business management of the school lunch program.

  • Supervises the accounting systems necessary to provide the Board of Education and administrators with accurate financial reports that comply with state accounting regulations in all areas except those delegated by statute to the treasurer of the Board of Education.

  • Plans and manages the District’s insurance program.

  • Supervises the financial affairs of the District including accounting and report procedures, billing and collection of miscellaneous receipts and long-range planning.

  • Develops budget guidelines as; coordinates preparation, publication and distribution of the budget as approved.

  • Assists in the execution of the approved budget including administrative controls where required.

  • Makes recommendations for improvements in the financial management of the school system.

  • Prepares an annual cost flow analysis for collection of taxes and short term investments.

  • Supervises data processing procedures to provide management information, long-range forecasts and a program of budget and payroll control.

  • Plans and administers the investment of District funds according to state statute and Board policy.

  • Supervises all business office personnel.

  • Supervises payroll procedures.

  • Supervises bonding procedures including resolutions from attorney, referendum and sale of temporary notes and bonds.

  • Prepares bid specifications, makes recommendations as to award of bids and initiates purchase orders upon approval of bids.

  • Supervises the development of monthly and annual financial reports as required and prepares reports for local, state and federal agendas as required or directed.

  • Supervises the annual audit.

  • Attends Board meetings and other job related meetings as required or directed.

  • Maintains district inventory for school supplies and equipment.

  • Assists Board Negotiator with negotiations.

  • Supervises the preparation of enrollment projections analyses.

  • Manages contractual arrangements for the district’s rental of outside facilities.

  • Performs, in accordance with Board and administrative policies, such other duties as the Superintendent of Schools may direct.



  • Attends all meetings and keeps full and accurate minutes of all meetings of the Board.

  • Causes to be published and posted all legal notices of the Board.

  • Prepares and executes all Board election activities.

  • Collects tuition fees and other monies due to the Board and transmits the same for deposit to district accounts.

  • Keeps accounts of the school district’s financial transactions including a correct detailed account of all expenditures.

  • Transmits the financial status of the district to the Board monthly and to the Commissioner annually and submits other financial reports as required.

  • Keeps and maintains all contracts, records and documents belonging to the Board.

  • Gives the Board a detailed report if its financial transactions at the close of each fiscal year and files a copy with the County Superintendent.

  • Reports to the Commissioner annually the amount of unpaid school debt, the interest rate payable, and the dates of issued and the due dates of bonds or other indebtedness.

  • Prepares a summary of the annual audits and recommendations prior to the meeting of the Board to act thereon and makes copies of the summary available to interest persons.

  • Administers oaths related to school matters.

  • Prepares state reports as required.

  • Sign approved purchase orders, invoices, checks and other documents as necessary.


Additional Duties

Performs other related tasks as assigned by the Superintendent.                

             Note: The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities.  It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task or responsibility.

FLSA Status:   Exempt


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