LTS-Special Education Teacher (Dec-Apr)

Township of Franklin Public Schools | Franklinville, NJ

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Posted Date 11/04/2019
Expiration Date12/04/2019

Long Term Substitute - Teacher of Special Education (Grade 5 ICS) 

 December 9, 2019 through April 9, 2020

Qualifications:  Minimum

  1. New Jersey Teacher Certifications as required.

  2. Such other qualifications of academic, professional and personal excellence as the Board may specify.

Job Goals:       To provide an educational program in an environment favorable to learning, for personal, social and emotional growth, for personal safety and well-being; to establish effective rapport with and among pupils, to teach pupils so that they develop skills, attitudes and knowledge needed to provide a firm foundation for continued, meaningful education and to develop good interrelationships with parents and members of the school staff.

Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Implement through instruction and action the school district’s philosophy of education, instructional goals and objectives.

  2. Ensures pupil progress and growth toward stated instructional goals and objectives.

  3. Develops lesson plans and instructional materials and provides for individualized instruction and small group instruction for the purpose of implementing the curriculum to meet the needs of each pupil.

  4. Translates lesson plans into learning experiences so as to utilize efficiently the available time for instruction.

  5. Evaluates pupils’ academic growth, maintains appropriate records and prepares progress reports on a regular basis, or as requested by the administration.

  6. Evaluates pupils’ social and emotional growth, maintains appropriate records and prepares progress reports, or as requested by the administration.

  7. Creates a learning environment that enhances the maturity level and interests of all students.

  8. Counsels students on their academic progress and behavioral growth.

  9. Counsels with colleagues and parents to discuss pupils’ progress in terms of the school curriculum.

  10. Assesses and identifies pupil needs and cooperates with special services staff, other staff members in helping pupils resolve health, behavioral and learning problems.
     Maintains a personal program of professional growth and improvement through inservice training and course work.

  11. Assists in the selection of instructional books and instructional materials.

  12. Maintains a current classroom inventory of all books, workbooks, equipment and furniture, and submits a copy to the administration at the close of the school year.

  13. Administers pupil assessment instruments in accordance with district testing program, interprets the results and plans instruction accordingly.

  14. Upholds and enforces school rules, administrative regulations and board policy.

  15. Participates in curriculum development and programs as assigned by the administration.

  16. Supervises pupils in out-of-classroom and extracurricular activities when requested, however, personal commitments will be considered.

  17. Participates on committees that plan and develop activities and programs for pupils.

  18. Supervises pupils in all areas of the school and on the school grounds so as to ensure the safety and well-being of students, school personnel and visitors.

  19. Performs duties which are within the scope of teacher employment and certification as assigned by the administration in accordance with New Jersey State Law, New Jersey State Board of Education Rules and Regulations, local board of education policies and contractual obligations.

  20. Maintains ethical and professional behavior in working with school personnel and outside agencies.

  21. All teachers shall maintain and record on a regular basis all items in the child’s cumulative folder relative to the reading and math levels, the textbook they were working from and the pages completed by each pupil.

  22. Classroom teachers are responsible for maintaining a current and accurate class register.  Classroom teachers will be monitored by the principals and evaluated for accuracy during the school year.

  23. When classroom registers are submitted to the principal’s office and found to be in error, teachers who submit such registers will be required to go to the principal’s office to make all corrections.

  24. Any other duties requested by the administration and/or the board of education shall be carried through as requested.

Evaluation Report

Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with board policy.


Approved:  9/12/79


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