Director of Student Life And Services

Harrison School District | Harrison, NJ

Posted Date 4/26/2024
Expiration Date7/31/2024


  1. DESCRIPTION: To coordinate the supplemental social and scholastic services necessary to sustain and improve the academic growth of all students.  These services will be integrated into a comprehensive program designed to facilitate their efficient implementation.  These services shall include:


  • Services provided under Section 504 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973
  • Affirmative Action Services
  • Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Implementation
  • Court and Juvenile Justice Liaison
  • Educational Stability Liaison for the Division of Child Protection and Permanency
  • Services for the Homeless
  • Peer Leadership
  • Student Assistance Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Assistance
  • Title IX and ADA Services


  • QUALIFICATIONS:       Valid NJ teaching certificate
  1. Five (5) years successful teaching experience
  2. Master’s degree in Counseling or related field
  3. NJ Substance Awareness certificate
  4. NJ Principal or School Administrator Certificate
  5. Required criminal history background check and proof of US citizenship or legal registered aliens status
  6. Proof of NJ residency; as required by statute
  7. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board of Education may find appropriate and acceptable


  1. REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools / Asst. Superintendent of Schools /                                                                                  

                                                 Director of Personnel


  1. SUPERVISES: Anti-Bullying Specialists

504 Building Coordinators

School Social Workers

Crisis Intervention Consultants




  1. Supervise and coordinate services provided to students under Section 504 of the

Federal Rehabilitations Act of 1973.

  1. Serve as District Liaison for the Education of Homeless Children.


  1. Serve as Anti-Bullying Specialist Coordinator to supervise investigations and

programming designed to ensure compliance with the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights.


  1. Serve as District Affirmative Action Officer investigating all inquiries or complaints regarding affirmative action, discrimination (including Title IX requirements and ADA services), and sexual harassment or equity issues. Also completes all federal and state reporting requirements on behalf of the District.


  1. Serve as District Substance Abuse Coordinator (SAC) to coordinate mandatory substance abuse assessment, referral and follow up services for students who test positive for substance, as identified through the policies and procedures prescribed in accordance with NJSA 18A:40A-12.


  1. Serve as Liaison to the Juvenile Justice System.


  1. Serve as the District Education Stability Specialist to ensure the Educational Stability of students under the supervision of the Division of Child Protection and Permanency.


  1. Provide services to homeless students under the protection of the McKinney-Vento Act.


  1. Supervise substance abuse prevention and intervention services.


  1. Supervise services provided by school social workers and crisis intervention



  1. Provide mandated staff training in areas impacted by these responsibilities.


  1. Coordinate referrals to community-based service providers.


  1. Maintain current files of information regarding existing Health and Social Service



  1. Maintain current files of information for program provided by the Harrison/East

       Newark Municipal Alliance as a Liaison.


  1. Coordinate Teen Parenting groups, enroll pregnant teens/teen parents into groups

       provided through cooperation with community service providers.


  1. Coordinate district activities of I & R’s teams.


  1. Coordinate Peer Leadership programs, determine program goals and objectives,

       determine selection criteria, coordinate with Peer Leadership consultants, organize

       and schedule training.


  1. Plan, coordinate and implement programs to support positive and healthy graduation



  1. Supervise Crisis Intervention Counselors, coordinate referrals to Crisis Counselors

       from building administrators, I&RS Teams and Teachers.


  1. Coordinates District Crisis Intervention Team in the event of a traumatic event,

       impacting students and staff.


  1. Coordinates and Implements District and Schools Behavior Threat Assessment

      Teams, Regulations and Policies.


  1. Perform additional or alternate duties which are within the scope of employment and

      certification as may be assigned by the Superintendent of Schools under authority of  

      the Board of Education.



  • TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Twelve (12) month year; 

Salary and benefits as established by the Administrators’ Agreement.


  • EVALUATION: Evaluated annually by the Superintendent, or designee, in

accordance with Achieve NJ standards.


Type of Job (PreK-12 or Higher Ed.)
Higher Ed

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