Technology Technician

New Horizons Community Charter School | Newark, NJ

Posted Date 9/21/2023
Expiration Date12/31/2023

Job description

To provide leadership in achieving and maintaining standards of excellence in the area of computer science/technology so that:
Each student in the district is better prepared for life in the twenty-first century in accordance with his/her needs, interests and ability; and The district utilizes technology to maximum advantage for educational, administrative and business effectiveness and efficiency.


  • Holds a valid New Jersey Teacher’s Certificate
  • Has demonstrated a minimum of three years’ successful teaching experience in computer science and/or technology education.
  • Possesses skills in oral and written communication, organization, and human relations.
  • Demonstrated successful experience in curriculum design and staff development and extensive knowledge of technology hardware, software and instruction.
  • Successfully completes required criminal history, proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident status.
  • Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the board may find appropriate and acceptable.


  • Instructional leadership
  • Works with the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, building principal and other administrators, academic supervisors, teachers, staff members and community residents as appropriate to formulate a philosophy and objectives of the program, to outline a multi-year district action plan for technology, and to develop and implement a K-5 curriculum and instructional program.
  • Studies, evaluates and, as appropriate, recommends to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction the adoption of new instructional materials and equipment, textbooks, methods and programs.
  • Conducts staff development for administrators, teachers, office personnel, counselors, and other district personnel in the use of technology for job related responsibilities.
  • Performs demonstration lessons in classroom situations for observation by teachers.
  • Plans, organizes and presides over departmental teachers’ meetings for assigned curricular area (a) (i.e., Technology Education Department) in order to effect horizontal and vertical continuity and articulation of the instructional programs of the school.
  • Provides technology information and serves as a resource to the district’s administrators, faculty and staff including, but not limited to, the curriculum committees.
  • Works with the Director of Curriculum and Instruction on projects and new courses proposed in the area of technology.
  • Designs and/or works with other faculty members and administrators to design curriculum and, in accordance with district procedures, submits these curricula to the board for approval.
  • Evaluates the implementation of the district’s Technology Program and student achievement in the area of technology through appropriate assessment techniques and works with staff to plan and institute changes in the program based on the assessed needs.
  • Prepares and administers the budget in the area of technology including, but not limited to coordinating the ordering, delivery, distribution, installation and utilization of equipment, software and supplies.
  • Maintains an inventory of all software, equipment and supplies purchased for the Technology Program.
  • Oversees the development and implementation of a plan for the pro-active maintenance of technology equipment as well as for the repair and replacement of equipment.
  • Oversees the district’s adherence to local, state and federal regulations in the areas of health, safety, curriculum and copyright for the Technology Program.
  • Teaches computer and/or technology classes as appropriate for a minimum of 20 percent of the school day.
  • Promotes student involvement in technology by initiating and overseeing a variety of appropriate experiences (i.e., club, competition team, “trouble shooting” team).
  • Conducts classroom observations and provides supervision/evaluation of teachers and non-certificated staff as requested by the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.
  • Assists in the recruitment, screening, training and assigning of personnel in the area of technology.
  • Maintains a technology-related reference library for the use of district personnel. The library will include, but not limited to periodicals, textbooks, curriculum guides, and instructional materials.
  • Facilitates the work of the Technology Education Department including, but not limited to compilation of budget requests, ordering of supplies, materials and equipment, reviewing all requests for professional leaves and field trips, and serving as liaison between the department and the administration.
  • Assists in the design and/or renovation of district facilities to accommodate technology for both staff and student use.

Professional Development * Participates in continuous study and research and attends relevant conferences, workshops and staff development programs to maintain and enhance his/her own professional competence and to bring new ideas to the staff and administration of the district.

  • Encourages faculty to participate in professional development opportunities in technology both in and out of the district.

School/Community Relations * Promotes effective student, staff and community communications

  • Prepares bulletins and special reports for district personnel and the board concerning the status of the district’s Technology Program.
  • Utilizes the resources of the school and community to enhance the Technology Program.
  • Cooperates with other supervisors and administrators in the articulation and coordination of district programs.
  • Serves as a member of specified district-level and bard committees as a technology expert.
  • Conduct workshops, presentations and other experiences for parents and community residents in the area of technology.

Other Duties * Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction/Principal may assign.

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Type of Job (K-12 or Higher Ed.)

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