English Language Arts Teacher

Union County TEAMS Charter Schoool | Plainfield, NJ

Posted Date 1/09/2023
Expiration Date6/01/2023


*Certification and Qualifications for Teachers (Full-time):

  • A. or B.S. degree in appropriate field of study from an accredited institution
  • appropriate New Jersey Teacher Certification, or Provisional Teacher Certification in accordance with N.J.A.C. 6:11-3-1
  • minimum two years classroom experience in elementary, middle school, or high school environment preferred
  • interest and/or experience in making the mission of the Union County TEAMS Charter School a reality
  • skill in teamwork and collaboration
  • proficiency in or desire to adapt to interdisciplinary teaching
  • strong critical thinking and creative problem solving skills
  • a desire for personal growth, development and lifelong learning
  • belief that all children can learn and achieve high standards

*Teachers’ responsibilities will be:

  • designing and implementing the curriculum
  • designing learning units and lesson plans consistent with the charter school’s curriculum goals, objectives, and theme
  • identifying and coordinating educational excursions aligned to the theme: “We Are a Community of Builders”
  • conferring with students individually to implement and manage student’s personalized learning plan
  • reviewing and monitoring student’s portfolio to provide feedback for improvement
  • facilitating an ongoing personal connection between the student’s parent/guardian and charter school through parent/teacher conferences and other events
  • collaborating with administration to ensure that the curriculum, activities, and instruction are meeting expectations for high academic achievement
  • making recommendations for program enhancement
  • designing and implementing portfolio and rubric system of assessments
  • creating and maintaining a classroom environment conducive to learning and one that engages the learner experientially
  • differentiating instruction for all learners
  • participating in school planning and decision-making
  • teaching groups and individual students
  • advising students, mediating concepts, and teaching them how to be mediators
  • maintaining active communication with Charter School administrators, parents and other faculty and staff members
  • mentoring peer teacher
  • adhering to NJ Teaching Standards as outline by the NJDOE
  • other responsibilities as deemed necessary
Type of Job (K-12 or Higher Ed.)

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