Confidential Administrative Assistant

New Horizons Community Charter School | Newark, NJ

Posted Date 3/07/2023
Expiration Date6/01/2023






  1. Bachelors Degree
  2. Possesses post-high school professional training
  3. Possesses a minimum of five years of secretarial/office management experience
  4. Has experience in organizing and providing staff training
  5. Possesses excellent skills in communication, data organization and retrieval, word processing, desktop publishing and research
  6. Possesses exceptional human relations skills and initiative
  7. Possesses strong dictation and transcription skills
  8. Successfully completes required criminal history check and has proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status
  9. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.


REPORTS TO:         Director



Under the leadership of the Executive Director, to oversee the efficiency of Central Office, manage former pupil, design and prepare various publications, conduct a variety of staff development programs, and coordinate "special projects" as assigned by the Executive Director.        




  1. Work Performance OFFICE MANAGEMENT
  2. Oversee the efficiency of the Central Office.
  3. Oversee the establishment and maintenance of filing system for easy retrieval of information and documents in both electronic and paper format in cooperation with other office personnel.
  4. Order and maintain supplies for the Central Office with input from other personnel.
  5. Place and receive telephone calls, record messages for the Director and follow up on telephone requests in accordance with the procedures established by the Director.
  6. Sort and distribute morning mail for the departments of the Central Office.
  7. Maintain monthly calendars for central office (e.g., central office attendance, twelve month employees’ vacations, Board Members’ vacations).




  1. Prepare publications in photo-ready format with desktop publishing software (e.g., district newsletter four times per year, annual district calendar/handbook, budget newsletter).
  2. Compile district profile/fact sheet.
  3. Prepare Policy Update (2-4 times per year)
  4. Prepare news releases generated by the Director, Communications Network and others, disseminate to media and other appropriate audiences and maintain a record of documents.
  5. Prepare documents as needed for district presentations made by the Director.
  6. Prepare job postings for available positions; maintain appropriate records of the advertisements and the publications in which each ad is placed.




  1. Research and recommend to the Superintendent a system for storage and retrieval of records (i.e., microfilm, microfiche, and laserdisc).
  2. Organize records and establish a cross-reference retrieval system.
  3. Oversee the entry of or enter records onto the system.
  4. Oversee the storage of records and retrieve documents as needed.
  5. In accordance with State law and district policy, prune and dispose of records.
  6. Respond to and record requests for records.




  1. Maintain database
  2. Send monthly meeting notices, log responses, and fax to Executive Director.
  3. Receive all incoming mail and disseminate to appropriate Staff member.
  4. Send thank you letters for all donations, forward checks and copies of letters to treasurer.
  5. Prepare invitations and mailings for various functions.
  6. Prepare various forms (i.e., Mini-grant guidelines, reports, etc.).
  7. Maintain binder of information pertaining to Foundation.
  8. Conduct computer training for office personnel (i.e., Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and Access).
  9. Prepare all resolutions for presentation at Board meetings.
  10. Compile school wide family list/database with input from teachers.
  11. Research and compile data about topics for the Superintendent (i.e., staff recognition programs).
  12. Prepare and distribute school/community surveys then organize data for analysis.
  13. Prepare multi-media materials for Director’s presentations.
  14. Coordinate district mailings to parents and/or residents.

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