SCHOOL NURSE - Temporary Leave Replacement

Pinelands Regional School District | Tuckerton, NJ

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Posted Date 9/25/2020
Expiration Date3/12/2021

Seeking a temporary leave replacement for the position of School Nurse (Appx. dates November 9, 2020 through March 2, 2021).


  1. Current license as a registered professional nurse in the State of New Jersey
  2. Must possess valid New Jersey Substitute School Nurse’s certification
  3. Current CPR/AED certification
  4. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited or approved institution preferred
  5. Possess basic technological skills as required by the position
  6. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in the English language, both orally and through written expression
  7. Must complete required health examination(s) and immunization(s)
  8. Must pass required criminal history background check
  9. Provide proof of U. S. citizenship or legal resident status

Job Goals:

  1. Provide and/or maintain a professional environment favorable to learning, personal growth, personal safety, and well-being
  2. Establish a positive rapport with pupils, guide pupils so that they develop skills, attitudes and knowledge needed to provide a foundation for continued growth
  3. Maintain positive and collaborative relationships with other staff members and members of the community at large
  4. Sensitive to and respectful of the diverse backgrounds, characteristics, preferences, and beliefs of the members of the school community
  5. Act as an ethical role model portraying integrity, good judgment, discretion, and positive character attributes

Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the safety and well-being of students
  2. Uphold and enforce school rules, Board policies, and federal and state law
  3. Communicate professionally within the school community
  4. Provide support services necessary to promote and maintain the health and safety of the school community
  5. Demonstrate medical knowledge and skill in nursing as required by licensure
  6. Develop, organize, coordinate, and/or participate in all school health services (i.e. CST/Rise evaluations, sports physicals, flu clinics, individualized healthcare plans as needed, etc.)
  7. Administer medication in accordance with state/federal law and Board policy
  8. Pursue the acquisition of and, subsequently, maintain current and relevant health information for students and staff
  9. Ensure the confidentiality of student/staff health records that include, but are not limited to, immunization data, screenings, referrals, medications and specific medical conditions
  10. Is accurate in reporting information and in the maintenance of records
  11. Uphold and enforce state immunization regulations and complete required reports
  12. Establish, communicate, and practice emergency medical procedures
  13. Maintain first aid equipment such as AED machines, epipens, medical supplies, etc.
  14. Select, arrange for purchase of, and appropriately store appropriate medical supplies and equipment necessary to operate a school health office
  15. Regularly assess medical protocols and facilitate their revision/implementation
  16. Create and realize professional and departmental goals
  17. Promote wellness through presentations to staff and students and participation in health/wellness committee(s)
  18. Communicate relevant medical concerns and/or events and responds appropriately to concerns from parents/guardians/pertinent school employees
  19. Participate in school-related professional development and/or other trainings as requested by the department supervisor
  20. Conscientiously performs work with minimum supervision
  21. Organizes responsibilities and workload efficiently; able to multi-task effectively
  22. Demonstrates a cooperative attitude with others in all work activities
  23. Willingly accepts assigned duties and performs them within given timelines
  24. Maintain regular attendance so as to ensure continuity of instruction and/or efficient operation of the school district
  25. Perform other duties as assigned by the Superintendent and/or his/her designees

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