District Head Nurse

Long Branch Public Schools | Long Branch, NJ


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Posted Date 5/03/2021
Expiration Date5/21/2021
  1. Licensed as a Registered Nurse with the New Jersey State Board of Nursing.
  1. Certification as a School Nurse.
  1. Three years experience with direct supervision responsibility for a Human Service or Health Service organization preferred.
  1. New Jersey Department of Education Supervisor, Principal, or Administrator certification.
  1. Knowledge of policies and procedures in social work, and school nursing, involving the health/welfare of students. Draws sound conclusions based on factual information of cases.
  1. Ability to analyze policies, regulations and procedures, and apply them to program/district operations in a consistent manner.
  1. Such alternatives to the above requirements as the Board of Education may find appropriate and acceptable.
REPORTS TO:        
Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Personnel
As Head Nurse, provides for the effective functioning of the School Health Department in cooperation with the School Physician, School Nurses and Medical Secretaries. These functions include: supporting a comprehensive school health program that includes promoting positive health practices; coordinating and scheduling school health services for students and staff; providing opportunities for school health instruction, including special events and in-service programs; promoting a healthy and safe school environment and utilizing communication within the school system and in the community to achieve these goals.             
Twelve-month contractual position          
Annually in writing
Nurse Practitioners, School Nurses and  assigned secretaries.

    1. Observes and evaluates staff on the efficiency of their work and coordinates job functions to insure a smooth operation. 
    2. Prepares clear, concise reports of Health Services and submits above to the Superintendent of Schools  

    3. Supervises the establishment and maintenance of suitable records and files.  

    4. Represents Health Services to community and countywide groups in both marketing and active participation role, in order to insure coordination of services to all students. 

    5. Interviews staff, recommends appointments and terminations of staff, trains staff in School Health Services goals and objectives, and maintains favorable working conditions. 

    6. Reports monthly to the Assistant Superintendent of Pupil Personnel Services.   

    7. Seeks out sources of increased funding through grants and other avenues in order to improve services to adolescents. 

    8. To prepare information and compile required reports for the Superintendent, local county and state agencies. 

    9. To confer with the school physician on state health regulations; medical issues needing resolution; board policies regarding health issues; school, medical nursing health practices; and medical examinations scheduling. 

   10. Prepare purchase orders for supplies, equipment and repairs. To prepare the annual budget for the school health department. 

   11. To serve as liaison person for medical information between the school physician, nurses, principals and teachers and administrators. Advise administrators, school nurses, staff and parents of medical issues or problem areas. 

   12. To direct the scheduling and logistics for school health screening programs. 
   13. To prepare and process requests for special services relating to medical conditions. 

   14. To prepare and/or recommend board policy recommendations concerning the school health programs and services. 

   15. To be responsible for the organization and implementation of the school health department programs and services. To maintain clinical standards through school district for school nursing practice. 

   16. To prepare and revise communication materials, e.g. form letters, materials concerning health issues. 

   17. To evaluate yearly the total health program and recommend any additions, changes and future needs. 

   18. To be responsible for the dissemination, implementation and reorganization of School Health Services Guidelines as needed. 

   19. To implement with the school physician, health regulations concerning employee health requirements as needed. By setting up programs for the pre-employment physical examinations of all full time employees, assisting the physician in arranging a program for Tuberculosis control of all employees as required by law, providing opportunities for staff health instruction through in-service programs or special events. 

   20. To supervise and compile the state yearly report for the TB screening, immunization state report and OSHA state report. 

   21. To recommend home instruction for students who require it for medical reasons upon the advice of a physician. 

   22. To coordinate and recommend to the principal, the exclusion of students who have communicable disease or lack of immunizations. 

   23. To have the nursing staff assist in the registration of students when available. 
   24. Assist the school nurses to coordinate and recommend medical services for children, upon request. 

   25. To request transportation for students who qualify because of physical handicaps and limitations, from the school district transportation coordinator. 

   26. To coordinate scheduling for health physicals and screening programs for students. 
   27. To promote school and district health programs and events throughout the community. 

  28. To encourage communication on health issues among staff and students. 

  29. To provide communications on school health programs to administrative personnel. 

  30. To promote a safe and healthy environment for staff and students. 
  31. To identify safety and health hazards and recommend preventive health and safety measures as needed. 

  32. Performs all such other tasks as may be assigned by the immediate supervisor, the Superintendent of Schools or his designee. 


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