Substitute Teachers -Career and Technical High School

Salem County Vocational & Special Services Schools | Woodstown, NJ

Posted Date 8/23/2022
Expiration Date9/30/2022

TITLE: Substitute Teachers 

RATE: $125/Day


  1. Current and valid New Jersey Substitute Certificate or New Jersey Teaching Certificate.
  2. Successfully undergone Criminal History investigation
  3. Meets the health qualifications required of all personnel
  4. Meets New Jersey First act (N.J.S.A 52:14-7) residency requirement 


REPORTS TO: Principal/Designated Administrator 



To enable each child to pursue his or her education in the absence of their regular teacher by providing instruction in lesson plans as outlined by the teacher and supervise students to ensure appropriate behavior as per district/school policies and procedures. 



  1. Reports to main office, secretary or assistant principal, upon arrival at least fifteen minutes before the opening of school 
  2. Reviews lesson plans, attendance procedure, and schedules to be followed during the teaching day. 
  3. Upon entering classroom seeks out and reads procedures for security drills and fire drills. Keeps classroom doors locked in the event of a lockdown. 
  4. Demonstrates promptness and accuracy with required records (Ex: Attendance) 
  5. Provides instruction as outlined in the lesson plans provided and School District of Chathams curriculum. 
  6. Provides written feedback to the classroom teacher regarding student attendance, instructional progress, and discipline. 
  7. Effectively interacts with students, establishing and maintaining a relationship conducive to learning. 
  8. Supervises students at all times (within and outside of classroom) to insure following of all rules and regulations as per district /school policies. 
  9. Seeks assistance when appropriate and necessary 
  10. Neat, professional, and appropriate appearance as per dress code. 
  11. Maintains confidentiality. 
  12. Adheres to District’s Acceptable Use Policy 
  13. Complies with all district policies and procedures, as well as information provided by the school/district through substitute training/handouts. 
  14. Performs other duties as assigned by the Administration and/or other listed in teacher plans. 

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