Anticipated Elementary School Principal

Wayne Public Schools | Wayne, NJ


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Posted Date 6/21/2022
Expiration Date7/21/2022
Must be a successful teacher, hold a Master's Degree, possess a New Jersey Principal's Certificate and demonstrate effective skills in the areas of organization, leadership, motivation of others, communication and effecting change.
Administrative experience preferred. Principal certificate required.
The Elementary Principal shall be initially appointed by a majority vote of the full Board of Education and shall receive tenure in accordance with applicable law and Board policy.
Reports to the Superintendent of Schools.  When Principal is acting on matters which the Superintendent has delegated to the Assistant Superintendent, however, the Principal deals directly with the Assistant Superintendent and is responsible to him on these matters.
The Principal observes and supervises all staff members, full time or part time, certified and non-certified, at the assigned site. The Principal may be aided in evaluation of staff members by other district personnel who have districtwide responsibilities in specific subject areas or programs.
V.        JOB GOAL
To provide leadership to the end that the educational program functions efficiently in providing the best possible education to the children it serves. To exercise full responsibility for the organization and administration of all activities, personnel and physical facilities involved in the educational program in the building. 
                  1.    Assignment and promotion of pupils. 
                  2.    Selecting instructional materials with appropriate staff members. 
                  3.    Assisting teachers to meet the instructional needs of pupils. 
                  4.    Scheduling the time of teachers and students in the most flexible and efficient manner which can be developed.          
                  5.    Sharing in the development of system-wide curriculum policies. 
                  6.    Control of student behavior. 
                  7.    Pupil accounting.
  1. Recommendation and selection of instructional and secretarial-clerical personnel. 
  2. Assignment of instructional and secretarial-clerical personnel and supervision of all personnel who work in the building.
  3. Orientation of all personnel who work in the building. 
  4. Evaluations of the services of all personnel and recommendations concerning their continued employment. 
  5. Counseling personnel. 
  6. Development and supervision of the in-service training program within the building. 
  7. Choosing, supervising and aiding substitute teachers. 
  8. Promotion of effective communication and interaction between the nursing staff and other departments and/or staff members in the school.                             
  9. In conjunction with the School Nurse Supervisor, interview and recommend the selection of new nursing staff members; recommend the employment of nursing staff adequate to meet the District’s health needs; recommend the assignment, transfer, promotion and separation from service of nursing staff members. 
  10. Provide input to the School Nurse Supervisor with regard to the supervision and evaluation of the performance of nursing staff members.      
            C.          COMMUNITY RELATIONS
  1. Conferring with parents and other citizens. 
  2. Developing procedures for reporting pupil progress to parents and supervision of the reporting process. 
  3. Working with the P.T.O. and other lay groups. 
  4. Making decisions regarding the participation of organized school groups in non-school activities in consultation with the directors or advisors of such groups.
            D.          FUNDS AND FACILITIES
                  1.    Preparing the school budget request. 
                  2.    Managing and allocating the budget appropriation. 
                  3.    Scheduling the use of facilities and equipment. 
                  4.    Supervising the operation and maintenance of the building and grounds. 
                  5.    Sharing in supervision of the building transportation program. 
                  6.    Control of pupil behavior on buses. 
                  7.    Sharing in planning of alterations and additions to the building. 
                  8.    Distribution and inventory of supplies and equipment. 
Amended:  4/29/96      TAB F-539-B

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