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Ramapo Country Day Camp | Airmont / Upper Saddle River, NY


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Posted Date 1/13/2022
Expiration Date2/12/2022

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We are a children's summer day camp looking for EDUCATORS, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, TEACHERS, COACHES, and those graduating with teaching degrees to help run our program areas.

These areas include: Creative & Performing Arts, All Sports, Swim, Outdoor Adventure/Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, Science, Nature & Scouting, Mountain Biking, and more. 

Full summer positions and partial summer positions available (3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or all 8 weeks - 39 total camp days)

All our activity areas are outdoors. All the non-sports areas have covered decks that get a break from the sun or rain, but are open-air in the sights and sounds of camp. Our staff and campers are inside enough in school. We get everyone outside.

Free certification courses for staff -- CPR, First-Aid, Lifeguard Training, WSI, Belay Certification 

Employment application is available on the website. 

Ramapo Country Day Camp is a 35-acre site located on E. Saddle River Rd on the Bergen/Rockland County border near the towns of Ridgewood, Woodcliff Lake, Upper Saddle River, Montvale, and Suffern. We are easily accessible by The Garden State Parkway (Exit 172), Rt. 17 (Saddle River/Woodcliff Lake Exit), I-287, The Palisades Parkway, The NY State Thruway (Exit 14B), and Rt. 59.

Our campers range in age from 3 to 12 (Nursery to Eighth Grade) and they participate in activities ranging from: art, swim, all sports, theater, rocketry, pioneering, and hands-on science to archery, horseback riding, bungee & trampoline, zip lines, and dirt track cart. Our campers come from all over Bergen County (NJ) and Manhattan (NYC).

Our staff is made up of teachers (specialists) from Bergen, Passaic, Rockland County and New York City Schools who run our activity areas. College students work as counselors accompanying each group of campers and assisting our teachers.

Camp Dates: June 27th to August 19th (39 total days) 
Monday to Friday- 9:00am to 3:30pm
Camp will be closed Monday, July 4th  


Our Sports Programs:

Swim - 4 heated Pools 
American Red Cross --Lifeguard Training, CPR, First Aid certification course available to our staff. Course is held on-site and is free for staff.

Softball / Baseball - 4 Fields - each designed to fit a certain age range, padded outfield walls, bleacher seats.

Basketball - 4 Courts -each designed to fit a certain age range, six adjustable Goal-Setter baskets at each court.

Hockey - 4 Rinks - each designed to fit a certain age range. 

Soccer - 4 Fields - each designed to fit a certain age range.   

Football - 1 Field with professional field goals.

Lacrosse – Vary Size Turf and Natural Grass Fields - Fiddle Sticks and STX Sticks

Golf - SNAG Golf Equipment, a custom golf cage and putting green, and open space for teaching of the game.

Tennis - 3 Scaled-down Jr. Courts / 2 Full-size Courts

Archery - 6 Targets, 6 Shooting Zones

Gymnastics - 2 programs (Nursery to 2nd/ 3rd & above) - a large facility with cheer floor, Tumble Trak, wide variety of tumbling and gymnastics mats, equipment, and bars/beams. There is plenty of open space to use as well. 

Gameologist -- Unique / Non-traditional sports related games used to teach the same movement, striking, catching, and team skills used in mainstream sports. Physical Education games adapted -- some are games no one plays anymore and others are games no one has ever heard of. The fields used for this program are: turf, courts, walled areas, etc. 

Jr Sports -- Jr fields --hockey, soccer, softball, basketball, tennis for nursery & kindergarten campers --- elementary education physical education teachers

Each sports field, court, rink or facility is designed specifically for the age, size, and ability level of the campers who will be using that area. Younger campers play on fields that are smaller. The fields grow with them as they get older. All the basketball courts have 6 adjustable Goal-Setter baskets, the soccer fields are all sports-turf fields, the hockey rinks authentic rinks most with team bench areas, the gymnastics area features a state-of-the art 110 by 50 enclosed tent with a 42 by 42 cheer floor, 30ft Tumble Trak, vaults, beams, and a high, parallel, uneven bar & rings circuit.

We also have every teaching aid needed to supplement our instructors coaching -- portable pitching machine, pitch backs, dribbling goggles, inflatable life-size NBA/ NHL players to shoot over or score against, and much more. 

We also have a sports coordinator who will make sure you have all the support you need to run the program you have envisioned.


Our Art Programs:

Arts & Crafts - 5 Crafts areas - each with their own covered deck and storage areas, indoor and outdoor work spaces. Each program works with a specific age range and has an established curriculum that you can enhance. 

Ceramics - 3 Ceramics positions - 15 Wheels, 3 Kilns, hand-building areas, indoor studio to plan in and plenty of storage. All ages go to ceramics. Campers in second through eighth grade work on the wheel.  

Jewelry / Lanyard - 2 positions – from the classic box, cobra, and barrel lanyard stitches to jewelry seed and pony beads, Shrinky Dinks, cheer bows, leather and metal working, the lanyard / jewelry options are countless. We will see what trends are popular with the campers this season.

Woodworking campers in third through eighth grade choose to learn carpentry / woodworking skills in a week long choice time. This is a very popular program with both the girls and boys. 

All Around Art Position- we hire one extra art teacher to rotate to the different areas and help run the programs. 

Showtime - Drama position -- dance, drama, music -- works with nursery, kindergarten, first & second grades and 4th grade choice time.

Magic - endless ideas to teach campers how to captivate an audience. 

Musical Accompanist (piano) / Theater assistant - our theater program - we run two productions a summer - usually a Broadway Jr. play that campers in third through eighth choose as part of their elective. Campers in the program rehearse for a month and then put performances on for the camp and parents (night time performance). The theater is covered, has seating built into the mountain, and the facility has backstage, costume rooms, trap doors, professional sound booth, and a separate theater staff office. The theater team is made up of a director, choreographer, and musical accompanist all working together. 

The art areas have a coordinator who is researching projects during the off-season. Each area has a curriculum book with planned art projects so you don’t have to worry about figuring out projects and placing orders as school is winding down and the summer is gearing up. We always welcome new ideas, so you can enhance what we have. How you teach each project is up to you though. The art coordinator is there everyday to help get you whatever you need during the summer so you can run the program you envision it.  


Our Adventure Programs: 

Rock Climbing/ High & Low Ropes -- 25 ft., 6-sided climbing wall, mini-boulder & zipline (Nursery & Kind), Bungee & Trampoline, Giant's Swing, 300ft zipline, high elements (catwalk, eagle's nest, stepping zones, etc.) , low ropes (spider's web, Nitro crossing, etc.)

   *Belay Training -rockwall & high elements, and initiative game training available on grounds. Certification course is free. 

Mt. Biking -- 12 Mountain Bikes -- trails around camp

Go Carts / Dirt Track -- 3 different size tracks - Electric, Formula-One, and Off-Road Carts

Pioneering / Scouts - is our nature / scouting program. All ages campers go to the pioneering program. Here they explore hiking trails, use the stream to fish and catch crayfish, build rafts, learn stream ecology, go on bug hunts, build campfires to roast marshmallows, and gain an appreciation of the nature plentiful woodlands that surrounds them here at Ramapo.

Robotics - campers in first grade and older learn coding, use the Wonder Series (DASH) of robots. Campers work in teams to figure out how to program their robot to carry out tasks. We have built a unique facility to give campers plenty of room to let them and their robots move about. 

Older campers will build robots from scratch (Jimu robots) and then use an IPad to create codes to carry out tasks or challenges.

Wonderworks (Science) chemistry, physical science - dinosaur digs, C.S.I- "Who stole the camp snack?" (Chromatography), sound, magnetism, buoyancy, for younger ages we may read a book and use the theme of the book to do some science such as reading the "Snowy Day" book then we make snow. 

Tech Deck - Physical science, engineering, rocketry, technology all wrapped into one. Campers third grade and older explore how things work, they take things apart and see how they are made, they can conquer challenges given to them, build and construct, and have fun “failing” so they can learn by experimenting.


About Our Facility: 

The best way is to see it at: 

Our activity areas have been built to work with the curriculum and program goals we have for each age.

Different than school where the field, court, or classroom is one size fits all; we can build our fields, courts, and "classroom" to fit the age, size, strength, and ability level of our campers. This way a field is never too big or too small for a camper. Right when they are ready to outgrow a field they move up to a new size. Our camp classrooms are designed with a specific use - they are not converted or adapted to be used for something different so we have put thought into how the tables are designed so every seat is a good seat and the teacher (specialist) can easily be accessible to everyone. So much thought is put into the design the educator in you will appreciate the attention to detail since it will benefit your campers. Every program area has been built to take advantage of the outdoors. So campers and staff are not inside like they are during school. There is plenty of cover from the sun, but the fresh-air says we are outside and not in-school. 

Our campers are too young to hate any activityWho did that to them? So it is our job to re-present the activity in a way so our campers can experience some success and want to keep coming back. We want to create momentum with every visit. As momentum builds, so does confidence. When the confidence comes then break through moments occur. 


About Our Staff: 

As nice and well thought out as our facility is, it's all about the people. The staff are  who our campers will be talking about at the dinner table each evening. Our staff are the momentum makers that will be impacting our campers everyday. 

We have worked hard to create a facility and staff-working environment that is enjoyable, creative, positive, and perfect for the summer. You will enjoy coming to work each day. Many of our teachers return each year, but we always welcome new, energetic people. We are looking for people who would rather do more than less and who see working at camp as something they "get to do" not "have to do".

Teachers, we call specialists, run our activity areas. Each camper group comes with 2-4 college counselors who stay with the group and assist the specialists when they arrive at the area.  

Many of our specialists, coaches and teachers work in Bergen, Passaic & Rockland County Schools. Camp is also a great place to not only work with people who share your passion and commitment to teaching/coaching, but also to make connections with people in the area. You never know where a connection will take you.

We welcome any questions you may have, and we invite you to come out to meet us and see our facility.

Interviews are held via: Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype

Call or e-mail Brian or Marc for more information at (845) 356-6440 or  and

You can APPLY on our website at:  or Direct link to application at: 


While you are browsing our website, you can see our activities and camp in action on our camp video , read more about Ramapo's philosophy, and our leadership team and staff. 


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