Supervisor of Custodians

Elizabeth Public Schools | Elizabeth, NJ


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Posted Date 9/13/2023
Expiration Date10/08/2023


Title: Supervisor of Custodians


  1. Black Seal Boiler License
  1. Must possess High School Diploma
  1. Minimum of five (5) years experience in building maintenance and/or related field
  1. Good communication skills
  1. Must demonstrate good judgment in personnel interaction with others.
  1. Working knowledge of computers
  1. Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status.

Report to: Coordinator of Custodians


The supervisor of Custodians will be directly responsible to the Coordinator of Custodians and will work in cooperation with the Director of Plant, Property & Equipment in carrying out the responsibilities of the Division of Plant, Property & Equipment.


  1. Assist the Coordinator of Custodians with assignment or deployment of custodians.
  2. Assist the Coordinator of Custodians with the assignment of temporary substitutes in cases of absences of an appointed custodian.
  3. Assist the Coordinator of Custodians with schedules and maintenance of the custodial staff.
  4. Be available for 24-hour call for any emergency that may occur including but not limited to heating malfunctions, fire alarms, (which require manual resetting), break-ins, etc.
  1. Support the Coordinator of Custodians with the operation and maintenance of burglar and fire alarm systems.
  1. Assist the coordinator of Custodians with activities in Williams Field including the condition of grounds and equipment.
  1. Prepare timecards and job tickets to be approved by the
  1. Fol1ow-up with Purchasing Department regarding material needed for the custodial staff.
  1. Maintain good public relations with school, labor and industrial personnel.
  1. Attend meetings and conferences pertaining to custodial and sports
  1. Responsible for the maintenance and proper operation of all boilers.
  1. Must have Black Seal License.
  1. Perform all other duties as assigned by the Coordinator of Custodians

Terms of Employment:

Twelve (12) months; non-tenurable

Evaluated by the Director of Plant Property and Equipment

Compensation and benefits as established by the collective negotiations’ agreement.

Elizabeth, New Jersey


Type of Job (K-12 or Higher Ed.)

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