Hospitality / Culinary Instructor

Harrison School District | Harrison, NJ

Posted Date 5/23/2024
Expiration Date7/31/2024











  1. Valid New Jersey Instructional Career and Technical Education teaching certification with endorsement for Culinary Arts, CE, Provisional, or Standard.


  1. Bachelor’s degree from accredited college/university


  1. Minimum of five (5) years of hospitality/culinary industry experience.


  1. Demonstrated leadership skills


  1. Excellent organizational, interpersonal and communications skills


  1. Serv Safe Food Protection Manager Certification or ability to obtain.


  1. Knowledge of New Jersey Health Department Codes and requisite food safety practices and food sanitation


  1. SLE Certificate (Structured Learning Experience) certification preferred, or willing to obtain within two years


  1. Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal registered alien status


  1. Proof of New Jersey residency, as required by statute




Reports to:     Director of Curriculum and Instruction / Principal


Performance Responsibilities:


  1. Develop lessons consistent with New Jersey Educational Programs for Culinary Arts students, including NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards, Common Core State standards and the Harrison School District Curriculum standards.



  1. Develop opportunities for students to participate in culinary learning internship and externship programs through collaboration with community organizations and businesses.


  1. Work with Principal to promote program objectives and recruit students.


  1. Monitor students’ culinary internships and externships and visit job sites regularly.


  1. Work with staff to provide adequate resources to operate a culinary arts program.


  1. Assist students in the development of menus, recipes and preparation for and implementation of same.


  1. Stay knowledgeable of current and developing food trends and innovations in the food service industry so as to instruct in both traditional, current and trending methodologies and skills.


  1. Be able to create and implement new concepts in a food service environment.


  1. Assist the Director of Curriculum and Instruction in developing curriculum that is reflective of the business aspect of the culinary field.


  1. Employ instructional methods, technology and materials most appropriate for meeting state objectives and positive student growth, development and learning in the culinary arts field.


  1. Prepare and maintain all required records, especially, but not limited to, progress of students.


  1. Provide instruction in food and beverage inventory, cost controls, budget development, and financial management.


  1. Attend and participate in all scheduled parent-teacher conference, meetings and activities.


  1. Involve parents and guardians in students’ educational activities and apprentice or work experiences.


  1. Ensure the safe handling and use of all equipment and machines, including providing the appropriate safety and health program training for students.


  1. Maintain professional growth by attending all required in-service activities and professional development and activities.


  1. Demonstrate a consistent pattern of regular attendance and punctuality.


  1. Supervise pupil behavior in the classroom, school buildings, school grounds and during school related training experiences for the safety and well-being of all staff and students.


  1. Implement all District policies and procedures to ensure that pupils can work and learn in a school environment free of harassment, intimidation, discrimination and bullying.


  1. Supervise students in all classroom activities as assigned.


  1. Perform additional or alternative duties, which are within the scope of employment and certification as may be assigned by the Director of Curriculum and Instruction and/or Principal.






                        Ten (10) months, tenurable

                        Compensation and benefits established by the Teachers’ Agreement          

                        Evaluated annually by the Principal, consistent with ACHIEVE NJ Standards.


APPROVED: May 16, 2024

Type of Job (PreK-12 or Higher Ed.)

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