School Nurse - Elementary

Medford Township Public Schools | Medford, NJ

Posted Date 5/03/2022
Expiration Date6/02/2022

The Medford Township Public School District seeks an Elementary School Nurse for the 2022-2023 academic year.  The successful candidate should possess the following:



  1. The working day of the school nurse shall be the same as that of teachers in the system who are employed on a full time basis.
  2. Works in cooperation with the school physician, other school health professionals (e.g. dentist, optometrist), members of the staff, parents and community health professionals to ensure a healthy school climate and to minimize absence due to illness. 
  3. Remains abreast of current developments in the health field through education and active participation in professional organizations.
  4. Maintains a complete up-to-date health record system for students.  This record includes immunization, data, tuberculosis testing, as well as the results of screenings, referrals and follow-up.
  5. Plans and conducts the screening examinations and health appraisals as established by state mandates and local Board of Education policy.  The school nurse makes referrals to other health professionals as indicated.  The school nurse shall recommend necessary modifications to be made by the teacher in the classroom in order to compensate for such defects. 
  6. Establishes and maintains a comprehensive school health program.
  7. Administers first aid to all students and employees.
  8. Evaluates all complaints of injuries and/or illnesses referred by teachers, aides and parents.
  9. Completes screenings for vision, hearing, blood pressure, height and weight, and scoliosis.
  10. Rechecks and refers any student that deviates from the norm.
  11. Inspects for infectious diseases periodically and refers for treatment as necessary.
  12. Works closely with the Child Study Team in obtaining health histories and physical examinations.
  13. Administers all medications.
  14. Assists the school physician with physical assessments.
  15. Prepares and submits reports for the Director of Educational Support Services and the Department of Health.
  16. Implements policy on exclusion and readmission of students in connection with infectious and contagious diseases.
  17. Maintains awareness of daily absences.
  18.   Keep teachers informed of students with acute and chronic health problems.
  19.   The nurse shall be actively involved in the child study team evaluation process and subsequent child study team staffings as required.
  20. Counsels students, staff and parents concerning health problems.
  21. Participates in formulating policies and procedures for Health Services.
  22.   Works congruently with other professional personnel in developing the Health Education curriculum.
  23.   Acts as a resource person in Health Education.
  24.   Participates as an active member of the core team for the I&RS and Crisis Management Team.
  25.   Conducts health related inservice education for staff members.
  26.   Utilizes community health resources as the need arises.
  27.   Adapts the school environment to meet the needs of the medically limited student and to promote a safe physical plant.
  28.   Aids in early identification and reporting of child’s abuse or neglect.
  29.   Keeps the Principal and Director of Educational Support Services informed of any student problems or concerns that may exist within a school.
  30.   Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the Principal or Director or Pupil Personnel Services may assign.


New Jersey DOE School Nurse Certificate required.  Please send letter of interest, 

resume and copy of certificate(s) to:

 DEADLINE TO APPLY:  Reposted - former applicants need not reapply; position will remain posted until filled

 Posted: April 1, 2022/Reposted:  May 3, 2022



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