Buildings and Grounds Supervisor

Salem County Vocational & Special Services Schools | Woodstown, NJ

Posted Date 10/31/2019
Expiration Date11/22/2019



  1. Educational Facilities Manager Certificate and Fireman's Black Seal License
  2. Experience in the maintenance of large buildings and large facilities. Knowledge of and aptitude for maintenance, basics of carpentry, plumbing, electric, H.V.A.C.
  3. Ability to supervise and coordinate the activities of department staff.
  4. Demonstrated knowledge of architecture, school construction, engineering, plant operation, maintenance and management, and school safety 
  5. Required criminal history background check, proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status, meets NJ Residency requirements 
  6. Required physical examination, meeting standards outlined in the District Physical Examination Form. 


REPORTS TO: School Business Administrator 


SUPERVISES: All custodial, maintenance and groundskeeping staff. 


JOB GOAL: To provide students and staff with a physical environment that is healthy, 

safe, and efficiently operated. 



  1. Responsible for maintaining all licenses related to the position. 
  2. Examine school sites on a regular basis for needed repairs, maintenance, and cleanliness. 
  3. Responsible for the organization of assignments and scheduling of all custodial and maintenance staff.
  4. Prepares and administers the budget for custodial supplies and equipment.
  5. Supervise and conduct the evaluation of non-certified staff. 
  6. Establish and recommend priorities on repair projects.
  7. Estimate cost of repair projects in terms of labor, material and overhead.
  8. Assign and supervise crew of craftspeople for maintenance work and custodians for cleaning. 
  9. Lay-out and inspect work and assist crew members. 
  10. Develop an efficient system for dealing with emergency repair problems. 
  11. Consult with building principals regarding the establishment and implementation of the preventative maintenance program. 
  12. Recruit, screen and recommend for hiring all staff. 
  13. Advise on the hiring of contractors to perform certain maintenance or repair services.
  14. Be readily available to the school district in the event of emergencies, snow removal, storm damage and/or vandalism. 
  15. Provide periodic in-service workshops for all staff members. 
  16. Act as liaison between various borough and township offices; e.g. Fire Department , Construction Office, and Board of Health. 
  17. Serve as the district’s Right to Know contact, AHERA representative, Integrated Pest Management Coordinator (IPMC), Safety and Health Designee, Indoor Air Quality Designee, Chemical Hygiene Officer, and Asbestos Management Officer. 
  18. Order materials as needed and make recommendations for purchase of supplies and equipment. 
  19. Maintain a coordinated inventory. 
  20. Implement and maintain guidelines for energy conservation. 
  21. Develop a multi-year maintenance, staffing and technical assistance plan. 
  22. Direct preparation of playing fields, grounds and other necessary facilities for athletics and other school activities. 
  23. As per the employment agreement, any classes require prior approval of the Superintendent. If prior approval is not received the district will not be responsible for any tuition, fees, and/or stipends. 
  24. Performs other duties as assigned for the efficient operation of the school district to increase the effectiveness and reduce costs to the ultimate benefit of the district. 


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Work year and salary to be determined by the board. 


EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of state law, administrative code and the board's policy on evaluation of employees. 


Salary75000.00 Annual

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