Assistant Director of Teaching & Learning and Innovative Projects

East Orange School District | East Orange, NJ


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Posted Date 9/13/2022
Expiration Date10/10/2022


At the discretion/direction of the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, the Assistant Director of Teaching & Learning and Innovative Projects will:
  1. Assist with the development of innovative strategies anchored in current research to ensure academic success for all student groups.
  2. Assist the Director of Teaching & Learning and Innovative Projects in coordinating the District’s Summer School Programs and intervention and enrichment activities for students.
  3. Assist with overseeing the development, implementation, revision and evaluation of the District’s curriculum and all district instructional programs for content-based and innovative projects.
  4. Supports and assist the Director with development and implementation of multi-year strategic plans, as well as school improvement plans that reflect the latest research standards for specific curricula and support strategies needed to ensure student achievement in all schools.
  5. Works and facilitates efforts with content area supervisors to provide interdisciplinary experiences across the curricula.
  6. Provides the necessary support to content area supervisors and principals in order to implement innovative building level programs in all disciplines.
  7. Assist the Curriculum Department with researching and organizing programs for the participation of students in appropriate competitive programs on local, national, and international levels.
  8. Attends conferences, workshops and other important meetings as necessary in order to keep abreast of new materials and trends in the areas of assignment.
  9. Support efforts to maintain appropriate records, files and documentations of program activities and effectiveness; submits periodic reports concerning areas of assignment.
  10. Support efforts aligned to internship opportunities, immediate entry into the labor-force, alternative post-secondary institutions of study, as well as exploration into Pre-College experiences for dual-credit opportunities and early entrance into college and universities.
  11. Assist Labor Relations and Employee Services to recruit, screen and interview appropriate staff for the areas of responsibility.
  12. Reports to the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction and/or designee to develop budget recommendations and overseeing budget related to grant funding aligned to K-12 program and innovative projects.
  13. Participates in the process of developing and conducting on-going program evaluation in the areas of responsibility.
  14. Assist with coordinating special projects, and grants and innovative district and school programs for the Division of Curriculum & Instruction.
  15. Assist the Director with monitoring and support in the professional development for leaders, teachers and district staff aligned to the district improvement plan and school improvement plans.
  16. Cultivate and manage relationships with local education leaders, community stakeholders and external partners as appropriate.
  17. Performs all other duties as assigned by the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction and/or designee.
  18. Must be able to perform all of the essential functions of the job with reasonable accommodations, if necessary.

Ability to work independently and efficiently, including the ability to research and gather information from varied sources.
  1. Working knowledge and proficient level of experience with Microsoft Office Suites.
  2. Working knowledge and proficient level of experience with Google products.
  3. Ability to learn, interpret and explain departmental and systems procedures and policies.
  4. Ability to communicate effectively; possess excellent oral and written communication skills (grammar, spelling, etc.).
  5. Ability to perform at a high level, as a team player, in a team environment and demonstrates professional ethics.
  6. Demonstrates strong organizational and problem-solving skills.
  7. Ability to prioritize and manage multiple responsibilities.
  8. Ability to facilitate various size groups using facilitative leadership skills.
  9. Ability to work collaboratively with others and flexibility to independently work with others in a wide variety of circumstances.
  10. Ability to provide supervision to staff.
  11. Demonstrate success in implementing quality support services that align well with district’s instructional/achievement program.
  12. Ability to gather and analyze data, compile information, and prepare reports, maintain accurate records and meet deadlines under pressure.
  13. Ability to manage budget contracts and memorandum of understandings with community partners and contract staff and supports.
  14. Respond skillfully and efficiently with resources and related services to administrators as needed to support school innovation.
  15. Prepare and oversee the preparation of records and reports as required by federal, state, and local procedures.
  1. Valid NJDOE Instructional Certification
  2. Valid NJDOE Administrative Certification as Principal or School Administrator
  3. Minimum experience as determined by the Board.
  4. Ability to plan, organize and administer a district-level professional development program.
  5. Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  6. Demonstrated ability to perform in the areas of responsibility included in the job description.
  7. Required criminal history background check and eligibility to work in the United States.
  8. All applicants must meet NJ Residency requirements as per “New Jersey First Act,” N.J.S.A. 52:14-7 (L. 2011, Chapter 70).
  9. Demonstrated ability to perform the essential duties in the area of responsibility with reasonable accommodation.
  10. Such alternatives to the above as the Board of Education may find appropriate and acceptable.

Type of Job (K-12 or Higher Ed.)

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