Substitute Bus Drivers

Cranbury Township School District | Cranbury, NJ


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Posted Date 5/12/2022
Expiration Date6/30/2023

Substitute Bus Drivers

Job Goal: Provide, under the direction of the School Business Administrator, the safe and efficient transportation of Cranbury Township School District students


  • Possess a valid driver’s license and a CDL Class B driver’s license with Passenger and School Bus (P&S) endorsements issued by the Motor Vehicle Commission
  • Demonstrate physical dexterity to perform the duties of bus driver including:
  • Push open bus door (approximately 25 pounds of force) and pull closed bus door (approximately 10 pounds of force)
  • Drive for at least one hour continuously if necessary
  • Lift a fire extinguisher to desk chair height to extinguish fires (approximately 9 lbs.)
  • Perform all operations required to drive manual and/or automatic transmission vehicles including bending, twisting or stretching to use gear shift, adjust or look in all mirrors to observe passengers and road for traffic, use radio, etc.
  • Verbally communication directions to passengers
  • Sufficient visual/motor reaction time to respond to emergency traffic situations in order to operate the vehicle safely
  • ?Ability to interact positively with both students and adults


  • The driver shall be in full charge of the school bus at all times and shall be responsible for order; she/he shall never exclude a pupil from the bus, but, if unable to manage any pupil, shall report the unmanageable pupil to the Chief School Administrator/Principal of the school. The driver shall complete the district’s student discipline report provided.
  • The driver shall obey all traffic laws
  • The driver shall observe all mandatory safety regulations for school buses. It is mandatory that the driver is aware and knowledgeable on emergency procedures of the school bus.
  • The driver shall thoroughly clean and maintain the vehicle daily such as:
  • Clean the bus daily (Sweep and empty trash)
  • Check the fuel supply daily (no less than ½ tank is recommended)
  • Check all lighting systems daily as required by state law
  • Check tires daily for unusual wear, cuts, etc.
  • Clean all windows inside and main clean outside driving windows (windshield and rear windows)
  • Report all vehicle defects on proper forms
  • Maintain up to date seating charts for all students
  • The driver shall report any and all accidents involving the school vehicle immediately and complete all the district’s required reports
  • The driver shall notify the proper authorities in case of mechanical failure
  • The driver shall make required pick-ups and transport only authorized students to their designated destinations.
  • The driver shall discharge students only at authorized stops along the designated route
  • The driver is responsible for enforcing regulations against smoking and eating on the school bus
  • The driver shall check all seats after each route for remaining students prior to leaving the vehicle

    Non-tenure position

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