In Class Support Teacher (ELA)

Central Jersey College Prep Charter School | Somerset, NJ

Posted Date 4/09/2018
Expiration Date4/09/2019

In Class Support Teacher (ELA)

Job Type: Full-time

Position Summary: Assists school-based personnel in improving the quality of teaching and student learning for students with disabilities; Assumes responsibility for the knowledge and application of the appropriate curriculum and the instructional programs for students with disabilities in compliance with all State and Federal laws, NJ State Department of Education, NJ State Board of Education policies, rules, and regulations, including the NJ Student Learning Standards.

Essential Duties:

  • Models and supports special education instructional staff in organizing, identifying, and implementing curriculum including NJ Student Learning Standards and the adapted curriculum;
  • Plans and delivers professional learning activities to staff, parents, and others to increase achievement for students with disabilities;
  • Participates in professional learning activities increase achievement for students with disabilities or to improve skills related to compliance and IEP case management;
  • Collaborates with parents and local school staff regarding instructional decision-making for students with disabilities
  • Assists school staff in utilizing effective teaching strategies for students with disabilities;
  • Supports District instructional initiatives including literacy instruction and personalized learning environments for students with disabilities;
  • Assists teachers in improving classroom management and climate through the implementation of effective instructional methods and behavioral supports;
  • Assists with teacher evaluation process by completing formative observations and/or classroom walk-throughs at the direction of the school administrator;
  • Maintains regular communication with special education staff, local school personnel, and parents regarding the referral, evaluation, identification, and effective programming for students with disabilities;
  • Consults with school-based instructional staff regarding Individual Education Program (IEP) development, extended school year, behavioral interventions and transition plans for students with disabilities;
  • Collaborates with appropriate school-based personnel to assure timely data input/submission for students with disabilities;
  • Completes educational evaluations of students referred for special education eligibility;
  • Monitors evaluation timelines to ensure adherence to State regulations;
  • Assigns and/or conducts meetings to develop IEPs, as required within assigned school(s);
  • Assists in the development of functional behavioral assessments/behavior intervention plans within assigned school(s);
  • Monitors, assists and supports special education teaching staff with the accurate documentation of data to reflect student progress for students with disabilities;

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Contributes to, but does not bear final responsibility for annual evaluations of staff;
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the appropriate administrator.

Minimum Requirements:

Education: Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university is required.

Certification/Licensure: NJ Standard Certification or CEAS/CE as an ELA teacher is required. Teacher of students with disabilities certification is a plus.

Experience: Experience as an ELA teacher is a plus.


  • Proven communication and instructional strategies;
  • Classroom management skills;
  • Excellent communication skills both orally and in writing;
  • Excellent organizational skills.

Central Jersey College Prep Charter School ("CJCP") is a K-4, 6-12 Public Charter School located in Somerset, NJ. The mission of CJCP is to provide academic and social challenges and opportunities for students to attain the skills necessary for success in post-secondary education. CJCP serves its mission by offering rigorous academic programs, college and career counseling, and extracurricular enrichment activities.


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