Technology Co-Ordinator

Pride Academy Charter School | East Orange, NJ

Posted Date 1/11/2021
Expiration Date6/30/2021

Technology Co-ordinator

Pride Academy Charter School is recruiting professionals to join our middle school team who are:

  1. Seeking a school community dedicated to the values of Peace, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Empathy
  2. Open to building and utilizing innovative strategies to meet the challenges of urban education
  3. Eager to continue their growth as active members of a professional learning community
  4. Passionate that quality education for all students is a matter of social justice
  5. Ready to inspire others as teacher-leaders with their unique talents


Job Summary:

  • Responsible for the set up and implementation of the school’s technology, maintenance of the technology, management of inventory and technology budget, and training others in the use and care of all technology within the building;
  • Support the use of technology, both software and hardware, to strengthen the teaching/learning process and implement all rules and procedures regarding the maintenance, care and distribution of all equipment including but not limited to laptops, computers, I-pads, projectors, document cameras, audio-video equipment etc.;
  • Lead the judicious selection, purchase, set up and inventory of appropriate software, online platforms and equipment;
  • Support and lead on-site and/or webinar-based professional development activities to acclimate and develop capacity of the teachers, parents and students to effectively operate our online instructional suite, and follow all online etiquette and safety;
  • Support with and troubleshoot problems with the use of technology both on-site and during at-home virtual learning through tele-conferencing and coaching with parents, students and teachers;
  • Participate in online faculty meetings, workshops, professional development orientations, and utilize Have Your Say opportunities and decision-making processes in the school as needed and self-initiated;
  • Collaborate with team members and colleagues to further develop online teaching skills, share expertise, create and maximize interdisciplinary learning opportunities, and model a collegial, growth-mindset focused and professional environment within the school;
  • Depending on NJ Certification, there may be teaching responsibilities.


Elementary or Secondary certification:

CE, CEAS, or Standard K - 6 (1001), K-12 and K-6 with Middle School specializing for teaching content in grades 5-8

Technology certification Preferred but not required:

CE, CEAS or Standard Technology Education (1810)


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