Teachers Aide

Delta T Group | NJ

Posted Date 8/08/2018
Expiration Date12/31/2018


Location:  NJ

? Job Summary
? Assist a student's teachers in providing classroom accommodations;
? Collaborate with our special education coordinator and with a student's teachers by implementing interventions they have designed to support the student and to improve student focus and behavior; Reinforce and model core values and standards of behavior for your students, following the example of our school leaders, teachers and other school staff; Receive coaching positively and participate in professional development activities designed by school leaders to improve your professional practice, especially as it relates to student behavioral management, student instruction, student social development and school culture; When working with a student on an academic exercise, do not short-circuit student thinking by providing the answer, such as through spelling out a word. Help the student grow by challenging the student to use skills that have been learned, such as phonetically sounding out the letters in a word. Perform other duties to support the ongoing development of a student, classroom, or our school environment, as deemed appropriate by our teachers, special education coordinator, and school leadership.
? Be extremely flexible and fill other roles as needed, as would a substitute.
? Understand that your schedule may change day to day.


? Candidate MUST HAVE:
? NJ Department of Education Fingerprints

? Qualifications and requirements:
Must have experience working with children
Must be able to assist with toileting, walking, equipment and mobility
Must be available between 8:15am-3:00pm


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