World Language Teacher - French Teacher Preferred

Riverside Twp Public School District | Riverside, NJ

Posted Date 8/02/2022
Expiration Date9/01/2022

Riverside Township School District

Anticipated Opening

Full-Time World Language Teacher - French Teacher Preferred
Start Date: September 1, 2022 - Salary for the 2022-2023 year starting at $63,637

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
? Prepare lectures to deliver to high school students about basic principles of the language as well as information related to culture
? Develop course materials for students to complete
? Evaluate students’ performances, utilizing formative and summative assessments
? Participate in school wide activities, such as workshops and special events to recruit new students for the upcoming school year
? Speak with students’ parents to inform them of their child’s progress in the classroom

Preferred Qualifications:
Bachelor's Degree in a specific World Language
CEAS or Standard Certification in French (1510) is preferred but not required.
CEAS or Standard Certification in 1505, 1580, 1572, 1520, 1570, 1578, 1530, 1573 1579, 1540, 1574, 1560 &1550

Please submit, in writing, a letter of interest, resume, copy of any certifications, and contact for at least 3 references by 9:00 am on August 8, 2022.
Mr. Buddy Micucci - Riverside High School Principal
112 E. Washington Street, Riverside, NJ 08075


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