High School Special Education Science Teacher

Center School | Somerset, NJ


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Posted Date 6/08/2021
Expiration Date7/08/2021

 Required Certification(s) and/or Degree:  NJ Certificate Teacher of Science/ TOSD or TOH
Reports to:  Principal, Executive Director

The Teacher of Science position is responsible for creating a classroom environment that develops in each student an awareness of the role of science in economic and social progress; that motivates each student to acquire knowledge of scientific facts and principles, and skills in scientific methods of problem solving; and that discovers and develops special talents of students in scientific fields.
Primary Function: Instructs assigned pupils in accordance with curriculum adopted by The Center School.
Major Duties and Performance Responsibilities (not exhaustive)
Content Area

  • Teaches skills, knowledge, and scientific attitudes through courses in general science, biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, or science problems to students, utilizing curriculum.
  • Adapts science material and methods to develop relevant sequential assignments and lesson plans that guide and challenge students.
  • Plans a science program involving demonstrations, lectures, discussions, and student experiments; organizes laboratory activities for optimal learning.
  • Demonstrates scientific concepts by use of scientific apparatus, experiments, and standard or prepared charts, sketches, and other instructional aids.
  • Instructs students in the proper use, care and safe handling of chemicals, science equipment, and plant and animal life.
  • Demonstrates competence in subject field(s) assigned.

 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

  • Implements the school’s goals, objectives, and policies, and the state's goals and requirements.
  • Implements personal, building, and department goals.
  • Instructs students as outlined in the school approved curriculum.
  • Creates lessons and instructional opportunities taking into consideration the planning process, classroom environment, and instructional needs of the students.
  • Administer standardized ability and achievement tests, collect data, interpret results, and determine students’ strengths and areas of needs.
  • Create and administer performance-based assessments in order to evaluate students’ learning progress and use data to drive instruction.
  • Recommends to the immediate supervisor updates to or changes in policies and/or procedures relating to the implementation of the educational program in the school.
  • Creates a positive image of the school and promotes the best learning and teaching climate possible.
  • Creates a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity, interests, and special needs of students.
  • Employs instructional methods and materials that are most appropriate for meeting stated objectives.
  • Monitors administration of assessments to ensure that students are following procedures as outlined as well as maintaining security and confidentiality for all assessments.
  • Prepares for classes assigned and develops lesson plans related to established curriculum and IEP goals and objectives.
  • Establish clear objectives for all lessons, units, and projects, and communicate those objectives to students.

 Professional Development

  • Utilizes the school approved evaluation process for self-reflection and personal growth.
  • Attends school-sponsored professional development opportunities.
  • Seeks professional development opportunities outside of the school district for areas of professional interest or need.
  • Attends all mandated school-wide ½ day professional development days.

 School-wide/Building Procedures

  • Follows policy and procedures related to school safety practices.
  • Follows policies and procedures as outlined in the Center School staff policy manual.
  • Conducts extra help sessions as needed.
  • Implements guidelines and procedures as outlined for school trips and other functions off school grounds.
  • Attends special events held to recognize student achievement, and school-sponsored activities, functions, and events connected to the position.
  • Perform student supervision duties such as, but not limited to, assisting in hall duty, cafeteria monitoring, recess monitoring, bus arrival and dismissal procedures.
  • Plan, attend, supervise class projects, field trips, guest speaker visits, and other experiential activities, and guide students in learning from those activities.
  • Establishes and maintains, with the support of administrators, standards of pupil behavior appropriate to school code of conduct and Center School student policy manual.
  • Maintain accurate and complete student records as required by state laws, district policies, and administrative regulations.
  • Ability to verbally and physically de-escalate acting out students using approved CPI training methods.
  • Instruct and monitor students in the use and care of equipment and materials in order to prevent injuries and damage.

 Special Education:

  • Demonstrates competence in special education and the academic subject field(s) assigned.
  • Implement IEPs, assess students’ performance and growth, and track progress.
  • Provides instruction to classified pupils in accordance with each pupil's individualized education program.
  • Employs instructional methods and materials that are most appropriate for meeting stated teaching objectives, and student individual education plan (IEP) objectives.
  • Provides activities and experiences to meet the needs, interests and abilities of students.
  • Assesses the academic and behavioral status of students on a regular basis and provides progress reports, PLAAFPs, and report card grades as required per scheduled dates and timetables established by the school and in student individual education plans.
  • Attends IEP meetings.
  • Assists in developing Individualized Education Program (IEPs) and updating IEPs for students.
  • Create and adapts lesson plans to address students’ learning needs and abilities as identified in IEPs and assessment measures of growth and proficiency.
  • Discuss student’s progress with parents/guardians, teachers, counselors, and administrators.


  • Maintains parent/guardian communication in accordance with school policy and building protocol.
  • Attends staff meetings at the department, school, and administrative levels.
  • Works closely with administrators and counseling department staff regarding student scheduling problems, changes, and student progress.
  • Meets and collaborates with curriculum coordinators.
  • Meets with other staff to discuss students’ needs and progress.
  • Confer with parents/guardians, teachers, counselors, support staff, and administrators to resolve students’ behavioral and academic problems or challenges.
  • Participate in multidisciplinary team meetings to achieve student IEP goals and objectives.
  • Serves on committees as required.

 Other Duties

  • Maintains confidentiality in all areas of the assignment.
  • Assumes other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the administration of the school.



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