Assistant Network Engineer

Holmdel Twp. Public Schools | Holmdel, NJ


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Posted Date 6/20/2022
Expiration Date7/30/2022

Applicant must be a self motivated engineer to assist in the management of Internet content filter, Win2012, servers, D2D back up, Chromebook and desktop deployment.  Prior work experience in education and MCSE certification preferred.


                                                                                                                        File Code: 6.125













1.       Possesses high school diploma (required), and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer status in both desktop and server installation and configuration.



2.       Demonstrates knowledge of hardware and software in a networked environment, as well as audio-visual equipment and other media.



3.       Demonstrates effective problem solving, communications, organization, record keeping and interpersonal skills.



4.       Successfully completes required criminal history proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident status.



5.       Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and/or acceptable.



REPORTS TO:       Director of Technology or designee 



JOB GOAL:            To assist the Network Engineer in the evaluation, deployment andmaintenance of the district's hardware and software, so that the network remains operational, secure and full educational use of it may be made at all times. 








1.       Work Performance/Work Traits



a.     Reviews server application, security and systems logs.


b.     Reviews tape back up and verification logs.


c.     Resolves network operating system issues as it relates to network access, file permissions, printing and TCP/IP communication.


d.     Assists in the maintenance of Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and login scripts.


e.     Assists in the maintenance of Internet content filtering and logging.


f.      Assists in the maintenance, support and training of student management system.


g.     Diagnoses and repairs equipment on site or facilitates the repair of equipment at off-site locations as needed and maintains repair records.


h.     Assists in the maintenance of proxy, caching and security functions of Microsoft ISA Server


i.      Assists in the maintenance of security rules and policies of Netscreen or similar hardware firewall appliance


j.      Assists in the deployment and maintenance of SQL servers and the databases residing on them.


k.     Assists in the generation of SQL server database reports using report management software such as Crystal Reports.


l.      Assists the Network Engineer in the maintenance of the district's Citrix and virtualized environments.


m.    Assists the Network Engineer in the deployment and maintenance of the district network and wireless infrastructure.


n.     Distributes equipment to staff in accordance with established policy and practice.


o.     Installs, configures and provides training on hardware and software as needed.


p.     Assists in the maintenance of data backups and restoration.


q.     Assists in the maintenance of virus protection and security policies in order to prevent internal and external network threats.


r.     Manages desktop computers, hard drive imaging and remote deployment of software with MSIs.


s.     Assists in the deployment and management of converging data, voice and video services.


t.      Creates a high level of satisfaction with the staff and faculty.


u.     Assists in the technical evaluation of new software.


v.     Documents work and process and updates system manuals and logs.


w.    Assists the Network Engineer or designee in the maintenance and utilization of equipment warranties and software licensing.


          x.     Assists the Network Engineer with the monitoring of back-up jobs and the


                   restoration of files.


          y.     Assists the Network Engineer with the maintenance of internet content and


                  spam filtering 



2.       School and Community Relations



          a.       Cooperates and shares professionally with other members of the staff.



          b.       Keeps the Director of Technology  and Network Engineer informed about his/her activities and accomplishments.



3.       Professional Improvement



          a.       Participates in staff development opportunities to enhance job-related skills and knowledge in accordance with district procedures and budget allocations.



          b.       Conducts training sessions for district personnel on the use, maintenance and (simple) troubleshooting of equipment or other relevant topics when necessary.



4.       Other Assigned Tasks



          Performs such other duties and assumes such other tasks as may be assigned by the Superintendent of Schools or designee.



TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:       Twelve-month year. Salary as established by the Holmdel Township Board of Education.



EVALUATION:        Performance will be evaluated in accordance with the provision of the Board's policy on the Evaluation of Certified Personnel.



SOURCE:               Regular Board Meeting


DATE:                    January 22, 2003


REVISED:               February 12, 2003


REVISED:               May 25, 2011



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