School Superintendent / Chief Executive

Monmouth Ocean Educational Services Commission | Tinton Falls, NJ


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Posted Date 11/17/2023
Expiration Date1/02/2024



  1. New Jersey State Certification as School Administrator

  2. Master’s Degree plus evidence of advanced work

  3. Graduate work and evidence of practical experience in all aspects of administration

  4. Experience in curriculum development, supervision, instructional programs/practices, project/program design, governance and operations, personnel and financial management

  5. Experience as Assistant Superintendent, Central Office or Principal preferred

  6. Experience in business development.

  7. Knowledge about and experience in developing and implementing interlocal/shared services


Board of Directors (Superintendents from Monmouth and Ocean Counties)        


The authority and responsibility of the Superintendent extends to all functions, activities, services and/or programs as requested by any or all member and participating local public school districts within Monmouth, Ocean and surrounding Counties as authorized through the Board of Directors.  The Superintendent reports to the Representative Assembly and Board of Directors and is responsible for implementation of high quality, cost effective cooperative educational and financial services.


The Superintendent of the Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission (MOESC) is directly responsible to the Board of Directors of the MOESC, as approved within the framework of law.  (18A:6-51 et seq.)

The Superintendent will assume, as directed by the Board, the responsibility for such services and instructional programs deemed to cooperatively, economically, and efficiently serve the public schools within the counties.  The Superintendent shall possess the personal and professional leadership qualities essential to the administration, supervision, and evaluation of these educational services and programs.  

Such qualities include: 

  1. Employ leadership practices that encourage the highest performance of all employees, vendors and students.  Reorganizing and developing the leadership capacity of others in the Commission and building a collaborative organization that realizes and sustains positive change.

  2. Proven ability to provide leadership in organization, curriculum development, educational and services programming, staff development, research and program design, and fiscal operations.

  3. Possession and demonstration of knowledge of human relations skills and the ability to communicate effectively with administrators, instructional staff, and community persons in an effort to cooperatively resolve problems and to resourcefully and successfully achieve the goals and purposes of the Commission.


A.  Organization and Administration:

  1. Serve as the Board of Directors’ lead advisor.

  2. Attend all meetings of the MOESC and Bayshore Jointure Commission, and prepare reports for the Board as requested and as may periodically become due.

  3. Responsible for the analysis of pending federal and state statutes, and district’s input to needs assessment in forecasting and developing cost effective shared services.

  4. Prepare reports as required by the Board, New Jersey Department of Education, Federal government, and other government agencies.

  5. Direct, review and recommend to the Board the development of programs, services and supporting budgets for the activities of the Commission.

  6. Provide overall control for the Commission’s activities and take appropriate action to assure expenses are kept within currently approved budget limits.

  7. Assist in the development and implementation of the Commission’s policies, regulations, and procedures.

  8. Serve as a resource person to the Board of Directors in all labor management issues.

 B.  Curriculum and Instruction: 

  1. Assume responsibility for the development, staffing, and ongoing evaluation of the program(s), service(s), and staff as may be authorized by the Board of Directors.

  2. Work with local public school districts and nonpublic school personnel to effect continuity and articulation of services and programs.

  3. Assume responsibility for the establishment of procedures and methods for measuring the effectiveness of such services and programs.

  4. Direct the development and publication of all bulletins, courses of study, and curriculum guides necessary for the various instructional programs operated by the Commission.

  5. Develop inservice programs to expand and enrich the functioning of the instructional staff and the administrative staff of the Commission and its member districts.  


C.  Supervision of Non Instructional Programs: 

  1. Provide research and needs assessment activities to determine program development areas.

  2. Direct the development of categories of service and programs for interested and participating districts.


D.  Staff Personnel: 

  1. Recruit and select staff for the operation of services and programs.

  2. Provide for the supervision and written evaluation of staff personnel.

  3. Provide opportunities for improvement of individual competencies.

  4. Provide and initiate ongoing orientation for all staff.


E.  Commission, District, Community Relations:

  1. Interpret the laws, statutes, programs, philosophy, and policies of the Commission to local districts, nonpublic schools, and the community as they relate to the services and programs of the Commission.

  2. Act as liaison between public schools, nonpublic schools and community organizations in matters concerning services and programs of the Commission.

  3. Promotes understanding and information on all Commission programs and services through a variety of public relations techniques with a focus on educational benefits and cost savings. 

 F.  Professional Growth:

  1. Keep abreast of progress and new developments related to professional assignments and participate in organizations relating to administration, curriculum, educational programming and shared administrative and business services.

  2. Participate in activities that will most likely lead to continued professional growth including attendance at conferences, seminars, etc., which will enhance the effectiveness and delivery system of the Commission.

 G.  Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Serve as the Chief School Administrator for the Bayshore Jointure Commission.

  2. Perform additional functions as requested by the Board of Directors of the Monmouth-Ocean Educational Services Commission.


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