Assistant School Business Administrator

Gloucester City Board of Education | Gloucester City, NJ

Posted Date 6/09/2022
Expiration Date7/09/2022

Assistant School Business Administrator 

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Accounting, or Finance
  2. Three (3) years of experience in or with a school district business office. Other relevant business experience can be considered in lieu of formal experience.
  3. Knowledge of and past experience of/in School Business Office Operations, procedures, and management. Demonstrated experience in the use of Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Systems 3000, and Database Software
  4. Successful completion of or working towards a New Jersey Association of School Business Officials Instructional Programs – School Finance Accounting/Report – GAAP/Double Entry, Purchasing and Insurance Risk Management – preferred
  5. CPA or school auditing experience Preferred, but not required
  6. Ability to multitask effectively and work within a fast pace environment.
  7. Must be detail-oriented, think critically, be organized, and have the ability to identify and solve problems independently.
  8. Must be able to strictly adhere to maintaining and securing confidential information.

REPORTS TO: School Business Administrator/Board Secretary

JOB GOALS: To support the School Business Administrator in Accounting/Fiscal Operations of the school business office and coordinate all activities that relate to the business office functions.


  1. To assist the School Business Administrator/Board Secretary with the implementation and continuing operation of the internal accounting and control program.
  2. To assist the School Business Administrator/Board Secretary with the preparation of monthly financial reports on a timely basis to be presented to the Board of Education monthly.
  3. To assist the School Business Administrator/Board Secretary with budget development and long-range planning, including preparation of salary projections, scattergrams and calculations, projected employee benefits package costs, and other confidential personnel information, including contract negotiations and PERC related matters.
  4. To assist in control and accuracy of accounting records and accounts payable.
  5. To help implement and maintain records on fixed assets and depreciation.
  6. To perform duties at the district level in the areas of financial budget planning and administration, insurance/risk administration, purchasing, and financial accounting and reporting, and may include other responsibilities such as plant planning, construction and maintenance, personnel and administration; administration of transportation and food services; and central data processing.
  7. To assist in the preparation of financial statements for the annual audit: prepare schedules and work papers for support of financial statements as presented in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
  8. To operate internal accounting information systems, and software, including word-processing, spreadsheets, and others, maintaining and creating spreadsheets, as needed.
  9. To prepare reports as required by the New Jersey Department of Education. This shall include, but not be limited to, SEMI, NSFS, NonPublic Reports, and the School District Budget Statement.
  10. To prepare and monitor pupil contracts for sending and receiving tuition, related services, etc., and to keep account of receivables and payables in regard to these contracts.
  11. To serve as a backup for the preparation of payroll documents.
  12. To assist the School Business Administrator/Board Secretary in their capacity as the District Purchasing Agent. This includes the preparation of bid specifications as necessary and monitoring of all phases of the bidding and purchasing process.
  13. Keeping a current and accurate account of all financial transactions and reconciliation to include, but is not limited to Student Activity, Payroll, Debt Service, Cafeteria, Scholarship, along with General Fund Accounts
  14. Proficient in all budgetary and payroll operations programmed into the equipment, i.e., encumbrances, cash disbursements, reconstruction of appropriation line item cards, cash receipts, appropriation account, control cards, and general ledger record.
  15. Verification of monthly food service transactions and records
  16. Assist with preparation and analysis of annual property, liability insurance renewal
  17. Student accident claims and follow-up activities
  18. Follow up on all insurance claims, unemployment claims, and worker’s compensation claims
  19. Assists with the preparation of accounts and records for the annual district audit
  20. Support all phases of the budget throughout the year; analyze budget variances, and prepare budget reports as requested by the School Business Administrator
  21. Keep accurate and detailed accounts of all financial transactions as prescribed by statute, administrative code, and Board policy
  22. Prepare and maintain monthly district financial reports
  23. Provide general oversight of purchases, care, and delivery of school supplies and equipment approved for use in the schools
  24. Prepare financial reports for all governmental agencies including the reporting for federal and state funding
  25. Manage special revenue funds (grants) and prepare payment request applications through EWEG
  26. Responsible for all out of district tuition, including homeless, received/paid, and maintenance of related accounts/ledgers
  27. Prepare/supervise reconciliation of bank accounts
  28. Prepare records for annual audit and participate in the audits of the district’s accounts
  29. Perform other duties within the scope of the position and/or as assigned by the School Business Administrator/Board Secretary.



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