School Nurse for Empowerment Academy

BelovED Community Charter School | Jersey City, NJ

Posted Date 4/12/2021
Expiration Date7/01/2021

To Apply

 This position is at Empowerment Academy, Beloved's sister school. To apply, please email the Principal directly with your resume and certifications. Her email is




The Candidate will need EITHER: 1) to possess School Nurse certification in New Jersey; 2) to be currently enrolled in a School Nurse certification program.



• Carrying out written orders of the medical home and standing orders of the school physician;
• Conducting health screenings which include height, weight, blood pressure, hearing, vision and scoliosis;
• Monitoring vital signs and general health status for emergent issues for students suspected of being under the influence of alcohol and controlled dangerous substances;
• Maintaining student health records;
• Recommending to the school principal those students who shall not be admitted to or retained in the school building based on a parent‘s failure to provide evidence of the child‘s immunization according to specified schedules;
• Annually reviewing student immunization records to confirm with the medical home that the medical condition for the exemption from immunization continues to be applicable;
• Recommending to the school principal exclusion of students who show evidence of communicable disease;
• Directing and supervising the emergency administration of epinephrine and training school staff designated to serve as delegates;
• Administering asthma medication through use of a nebulizer;
• Directing and supervising the health services activities of any school staff to whom the certified School Nurse has delegated a nursing task;
• When appropriate, transmitting a summary of relevant health and medical information to a Child Study Team;
• Writing and updating, at least annually, the individualized health care plan and the individualized emergency healthcare plan for students’ medical needs and instructing staff as appropriate;
• Implementing and assisting in the development of healthcare procedures for students in the event of an emergency;
• Instructing teachers on communicable disease and other health concerns;
• Providing other nursing services consistent with the School Nurse‘s certification;
• Collaborating with staff in grade-level and department planning meetings, and in professional development activities;
• Helping with school-wide activities and providing supervision of students during class, breaks, and meals when needed;
• Assisting with tasks necessary for the successful and orderly functioning of the school (such as hallway supervision, arrival/departure transitions, field trips, and other such duties as the school leadership may request from staff); and

• Participating in events outside of normal school hours such as family nights, student performances, field trips, and teacher–parent conferences.

***We will also rely on your expertise as part of our Pandemic Response Team and you will be considered an essential employee helping to prepare our school for the Covid-19 Pandemic. 




The candidate will receive support from our other school nurses.  All nurses report to the Principal or Designee and are part of a school-wide team that includes many different student support professionals.


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