(3) Part Time Elementary School Counselors

Wayne Public Schools | Wayne, NJ


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Posted Date 11/09/2022
Expiration Date12/31/2022
Description TITLE:  Elementary School Counselor
  1. Valid New Jersey Educational Services Certificate as School Counselor, Masters’ Degree as a Counselor in Guidance or Student Personnel Services Experience working with K-5 student population.
  2.  It is preferred that candidates have adequate training and experience in bullying and violence prevention, individual and group counseling and substance/alcohol abuse prevention.
The Elementary School Counselor reports to the building principal and shall be primarily responsible for all guidance services in the school.  Working closely with the parents, students, and staff, the Elementary School counselor will implement counseling, crisis and support services under the supervision of the building principal.
  1. Assists students to achieve his/her maximum potential.
  2. Provides support and utilizes strategies with students who are under-achieving, chronically absent, in serious academic difficulty, or experiencing social or emotional problems affecting ideas, feelings, behavior, attitudes and opinions. 
  3. Maintains a weekly log of counseling, intervention, and educational activities
  4. Acts as a resource to classroom teachers and the principal, directly and indirectly providing strategies for conflict resolution, decision-making, improving communication skills, and other relevant topics.
  5. Identifies students with greatest need for intervention in consultation with the appropriate staff and parents.
  6. Provides direct assistance as an integral member of the School and District Crisis Management and 504 Committee Teams. 
  7. Serves as a resource during the transition process to middle school.
  8. Coordinates the Intervention and Referral Services teams preschool through grade 5 and assists in the submission of a yearly data report; responsible for organizing and leading INRS meetings and maintaining appropriate documentation.
  9. Infuses proactive prevention programs into the overall educational program.
  10. Conducts class presentations as needed.
  11. Provides educational resources for the school community.
  1. Assists students in the resolution of personal, social and/or educational problems.
  2. Intervenes as necessary to enhance the relationships of students with their peers, teachers, and parents, helping students to establish a positive self-concept.
  3. Conducts individual and group counseling sessions, where appropriate, on topics such as peer pressure, behavioral patterns, anger management, and student responsibilities, other identified student needs, etc.
  4. Assists students in developing effective communication skills, learning appropriate behavior patterns, maximizing their capabilities, building skills for coping with life’s changes and crises, developing decision-making, and employing personal safety skills.
  5. Provides small group and class lessons, as assigned by the Principal, to help children learn appropriate social skills and to enhance self-esteem, or to address other identified needs.
  6. Collaborates with teachers to infuse and integrate into the curriculum specialized programs such as Character Ed, bullying prevention, conflict resolution, peer mediation, etc.
  7. Serves as anti-bullying specialist and assists administration as directed regarding harassment, intimidation and bullying investigations, consultations, and interventions.  Implements and follows the District elementary school counselor curriculum.
  1. Conducts home visits as deemed necessary in consultation with the principal.
  2. Conducts conferences with staff and parents.
  3. Develops and annually disseminates a resource catalog of printed and electronic other instructional materials to be part of a professional library for use by all staff members, and any communication vehicle deemed necessary.
  4. Develops and implements parenting workshops.
  5. Disseminates informative materials to parents as needed.
  6. Provides in-service programs, workshops for parents and staff.
  7. Provides the parents and staff with referrals to outside agencies when appropriate.
  8. Refers students and parents with clinical needs to appropriate mental health centers and other providers.
  1. Conducts career exploration and awareness activities aligned with NJCCCS Life and Career Standards.
  2. Provides career awareness presentations aligned with NJCCCS Life and Career Standards.
  3. Performs other duties and responsibilities as needed for the daily organization and operation of the department.
Salary and work year to be determined by the Board of Education.
Performance of this position will be evaluated annually in accordance with the Board’s policy on the evaluation of certificated staff.
Approved: June 21, 2018  H-2018-9

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