Computer Science Teacher (HS)

METS Charter School | Jersey City, NJ

Posted Date 9/08/2018
Expiration Date10/08/2018

Computer Science Teacher (HS)

Key responsibilities include:

  1. Building a classroom culture in which students love computer science;
  2. 2. Motivating students to think critically and take ownership over their own learning;
  3. 3. Preparing students to take the AP Computer Science exams and to use technology to tackle complex math and science topics;
  4. 4. Developing strong relationships with parents and students, creating investment in school culture and academics;
  5. 5. Driving academic outcomes by analyzing student work, studying data, and implementing high leverage instructional moves to ensure dramatic gains for all students; and
  6. 6. Joining a collaborative community of computer science educators and benefiting from weekly training sessions led by school leaders and computer science curriculum developers.

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