Anticipated Opening Part-Time (25 Hours per Week) Accountant

Haddon Heights School District | Haddon Heights, NJ

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Posted Date 10/11/2019
Expiration Date10/29/2019

Haddon Heights School District

Haddon Heights, NJ


Anticipated Opening

Part-Time (25 Hours per Week)


Approximate Start Date November 2019



  1. Degree in Accounting
  2. Experience in reconciliations, maintaining financial records, etc.
  3. Experience in Public Education a plus
  4. Computer literate in MS Word, Accounting Software, MS Excel Spreadsheet and Email



                        Business Administrator/Board Secretary



                        25 Hours a Week



  1. To maintain accurate financial records of the accounts and complete all monthly reconciliations.
  2. To coordinate with the schools in operating the student activities funds efficiently and effectively.
  3. To be well organized and flexible in setting priorities.
  4. To be professional by working in a team environment and in dealing with payroll and benefit issues that arise with staff members.




  1. Do daily deposit for warrant account as needed. Include cover sheet of description with receipt and reimbursement account numbers.
  2. Record all revenue into CSI.
  3. Enter canceled checks into system and complete monthly reconciliation of all HHBOE accounts including warrant, agency, payroll, unemployment, Before/After Care program, Child Nutrition Program, and Student Activities.
  4. Complete monthly and annual closeout of accounting system and prepare monthly financial statements for board meetings.
  5. Reconcile balance sheets.
  6. Maintain payment records of incoming tuition students along with copy of contract. Notify parents if payment becomes delinquent.
  7. Process bank transfers for agency, unemployment, athletic, student, and cafeteria accounts.
  8. Coordinate with the Haddon Heights Board of Education financial institution.
  9. To assist SBA in assessing Cash Management and Accounting protocols to ensure best business practices are maintained.
  10. Maintain records on send/receive contracts.


Student Activities Accountant

  1. Receive funds, create deposit forms, and post deposits to appropriate student activity subaccounts.
  2. Prepare and issue purchase orders, receive and distribute orders, gather payment documents and issue payments for all schools student activities.
  3. Prepare and issue purchase orders, receive and distribute orders, gather payment documents, and issue payments for all athletic department activities.
  4. Maintain record of field trip requests, record all costs of trips by school, and bill activities for reimbursement to the Board of Education funds as needed.
  5. Issue monthly detail reports of financial activities to activity monitors/directors/coordinators.
  6. Secure needed data from activity personnel for contracted service providers/non-school personnel for issue of 1099’s annually; issue 1099’s and file 1099’s and 1096 form.
  7. Create monthly cash summary report of receipts and disbursements for performance of monthly bank reconciliation by assigned personnel.

Other Financial Data Collection and Reporting

  1. Maintain list of facility use approvals requiring billing and track incoming facility use payments received.


Before/After/Kindergarten Care Program

  1. Maintain list of Before/After/Kindergarten Care program enrollment payments; create annual billings/invoices for enrolled families.


Child Nutrition Program

  1. Maintain accounting records for the school lunch program: issue disbursements to FSMC, receive receipt documents from FSMC and business office staff (transfers), and reconcile bank statement monthly.



Please submit application, letter of interest, resume, and copy of certification through the Haddon Heights School District Employment website by October 29, 2019 at 9:00 am.


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