Computer Science and Design Thinking Teacher Grades 5-8

Absecon Public Schools | Absecon, NJ

Posted Date 7/27/2022
Expiration Date8/26/2022



  1. Holds a CE, CEAS, or standard certificate from the State of NJ in an instructional field, preferably with a degree in or extensive experience in the world of Computer Science & Design Thinking or a related field
  2. Ability to demonstrate proficiency in the uses of educational technologies, computers, and other digital tools, and to understand their common applications in an educational setting
  3. Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the integration in the curriculum of such technologies and digital tools
  4. Ability to demonstrate understanding of the legal and ethical issues surrounding the use of educational technologies and digital tools in preschool through grade 12 schools
  5. Possess a solid understanding of the New Jersey Computer Science and Design Thinking standards and how to best meet these standards at the middle school level
  6. Ability to demonstrate knowledge and understand of the integration of each STEAM discipline and their connection to Computer Science
  7. Ability to work collaboratively with STEAM in developing a comprehensive Computer Science & Design Thinking program at the middle school level
  8. Knowledgeable in contemporary programming languages, various application development tools, game development tools, and other aspects of computer science that are applicable to a middle school student in preparation for success in high school and beyond, such as Arduino, RaspberryPI, VEX, Lego Mindstorms, Python, Scratch, etc.
  9. Experience with or willingness to learn about the implementation of various media production tools and programs
  10. Ability to develop and deliver engaging and innovative lessons that allow students to grow academically and expose them to possible career pathways and opportunities in the computer science field
  11. Ability to develop curriculum, to research best practices as they relate to computer science and design thinking, and to procure resources that will that will enhance our new computer science program
  12. Experience with or willingness to research and develop an eSports program at our middle school


  • Director of Special Services/Curriculum and Principal(s)


  • To develop computational thinking capacities in our middle students by empowering them to design, build, and create with contemporary toolsets and knowledge. To establish positive relationships with students of all backgrounds and abilities. To introduce middle school students to and advise them of the many opportunities for the application of computer science principles across various academic disciplines.  To instill a deep understanding of the concepts that enable students to think critically and systematically about leveraging technology to solve local and even global issues.  


  1. Contributes to a dynamic and positive school climate that seeks to make a difference in the lives of our middle school students and to set them on the path for a successful future in high school and beyond.
  2. Create learning opportunities within their own classroom, and will build relationships with other staff members to extend the reach and impact of computer science applications throughout our middle school. 
  3. Possesses a natural ability to advocate for and create positive relationships with middle school students including contributing to a supporting and welcoming educational climate both in and out of the classroom
  4. Works to achieve state student learning standards and district educational goals and objectives by promoting active learning in the classroom using the Board adopted curriculum and other appropriate learning activities, programs and interventions.
  5. Provides instruction to students in accordance with each student’s differentiated learning needs.
  6. Works cooperatively with teaching staff to coordinate instructional activities and to monitor the progress of each student and provides support instruction in the classroom or in small group instruction.
  7. Sets specific objectives wherever possible in lesson preparation and weekly lesson plans and carries through presentation to effectively achieve these objectives.
  8. Monitors student academic progress and personal growth toward stated objectives of instruction.
  9. Maintains records of student’s educational progress in class record books and/or board approved forms and summarizes these marks for reporting purposes.
  10. Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior needed to achieve a classroom climate conducive to learning.
  11. Budgets class time effectively.
  12. Communicates with parents through conferences and other means to inform them about the school program and to discuss student progress.
  13. Maintains professional competence and continuous improvement through in-service education activities and other professional growth activities.
  14. Participates in school level planning, faculty meetings/committees and other school system groups.
  15. Makes effective use of community resources to enhance the instructional program.
  16. Upholds and enforces school rules, administrative regulations and Board policy.
  17. Performs other duties within the scope of employment and certification as may be assigned.


  • Ten (10) month work year.
  • Salary as negotiated through the Absecon Education Association.


  • Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with state law and the provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of certified personnel.

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