Elementary Teacher with Special Education Endorsement (Cert. 1013 & Cert. 2475)

Penns Grove Carneys Point Regional School District | Carneys Point Township, NJ


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Posted Date 11/22/2021
Expiration Date1/22/2022


1. Have experience in teaching and working with children with exceptional needs or the potential to work with children with

exceptional needs.

2. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the specialized certification area, including an understanding of the current

rules and regulations regarding special education assessment and program requirements.

3. Have excellent integrity and demonstrate good moral character and initiative.

4. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of child growth and development, children with disabilities, effective instructional strategies, classroom management, learning assessment and diagnosis, and research related to learning and children with exceptional needs.

5. Exhibit a personality that demonstrates enthusiasm and interpersonal skills to relate well with students, staff,

administration, parents, and the community.

6. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing, using proper grammar and


7. Demonstrate the ability to use technology and electronic equipment for instruction, word processing, data management,

information retrieval, visual and audio presentations, and telecommunications.

8. Meet such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable.

REPORTS TO: Principal and/or his/her designee

JOB GOALS: The Special Education Teacher assumes professional responsibility

for providing specialized learning experiences and supervision of

students with disabilities in a supportive and positive classroom

environment in reaching their fullest potential, while preparing one

for college and/or career readiness skills. Responsibilities include

serving as the primary advocate for students with disabilities in

developing each student the skills, attitudes, and knowledge to

meet and exceed the Common Core Curriculum Content Standards

as outlined in the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for the

student, using approved curricula and work collaboratively with

school staff, the Child Study Team, parents and internal/external



1. Implement the educational program and comprehensive related services as outlined in the

student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

2. Provide an instructional program closely related to and coordinated with the regular program so that students with disabilities have meaningful access to Common Core Curriculum Content Standards as outlined in the student’s IEP, modifying methods and materials as needed.

3. Maintain records indicating progress of the student in achieving the objectives of the IEP and assist with the evaluation and assessment of students.

4. Participate in the development and annual review of IEPs. Monitor the implementation, and provide information about completed goals and objectives, communicating closely with members of the Child Study Team and with the Case Manger about the progress of the child.

5. Collaborate with regular education teachers when a student with disabilities is mainstreamed. Provide specialized instruction including the application of accommodations and modifications to appropriately support a student with disabilities need(s). Adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of each student with disabilities.

6. Regularly communicates with parents through conferences and other means.

7. When assigned, establish the schedule, role, responsibilities, and expectations for the paraprofessional.

8. Assist the professional staff through individual consultation and/or staff development sessions with understanding the needs of students with disabilities and with strategies and approaches in dealing with problems in learning, behavior, or transition.

9. Submit lesson plans in the approved format to the Principal as required and requested.

10. Provide a nurturing, supportive, and positive classroom climate that encourages student

responsibility, using positive motivation, clear classroom routines, challenging instructional strategies, and effective classroom management techniques. Discipline students in a fair and consistent manner, using school approved procedures. Seek assistance when needed.

11. Establish a professional rapport with students that earns their respect.

12. Assess and diagnose the learning, social, and emotional needs and styles of students, using a variety of assessment techniques and data.

13. Plan and adjust the learning experiences accordingly, requesting advice and assistance from specialists when appropriate.

14. Assist with the preparation, monitoring, and following of Individualized Education Plans for selected students assigned to the class.

15. Employ a variety of instructional methods for students to demonstrate learning and accomplishments. Evaluate and grade homework, assignments, and tests in a timely fashion, providing feedback to the student on performance. Maintain records and provide evidence of growth and progress on a regular basis.

16. Assume responsibility for all students within the school, beyond those specifically assigned, supervising in a fair and constructive manner to ensure the safety and well-being of all students.

17. Ensure the safety and health of all students, notifying the administration of any unsafe conditions, following established procedures.

18. Create a stimulating, attractive, organized, functional, healthy, and safe classroom.

19. Complete in a timely fashion all records and reports as required by law and regulation or requested by the Principal. Maintain accurate attendance records. Account for all funds collected from students.

20. Work cooperatively with adults assigned to the classroom (e.g., paraprofessionals, student teachers, parents, and volunteers), establishing clear expectations for roles and responsibilities.

21. Serve as a role model for students, dressing and grooming professionally, demonstrating the importance and relevance of learning, accepting responsibility, and demonstrating pride in the honorable profession of teaching.

22. Maintain positive, cooperative, and mutually supportive relationships with the

administration, instructional staff, students, parents, and representatives of resource agencies within the community.

23. Attend required staff meetings and serve, as appropriate, on staff committees. Participate in curriculum and program development, and in the selection of materials and equipment to support instruction.

24. Notify immediately appropriate personnel of evidence of substance abuse, child abuse, child neglect, severe medical or social conditions, potential suicide or individuals appearing to be under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, or anabolic steroids.

25. Continue to grow professionally through collaboration with colleagues and professional growth experiences.

26. Summarize, interpret, and disseminate current developments in learning, instructional

strategies and classroom management through reading of professional journals, participation in professional development, and involvement in professional organizations.

27. Complete the required 20 clock hours of State-approved continuing professional

development each year in accordance with State and district procedures, as specified in the Professional Improvement Plan (N.J.A.C. 6:11-13).

28. Recommend to the Principal the supplies and equipment needed to support instruction and assist with ordering, following established procedures.

29. Maintain in safe working condition and safely operate electronic and other equipment needed to carry out job functions and responsibilities.

30. Protect confidentiality of records and information gained as part of exercising professional duties and use discretion in sharing such information within legal confines.

31. Adhere to New Jersey school law, State Board of Education policy and regulations, Board of Education policies and regulations, school regulations and procedures, and contractual obligations.

32. Perform any other professional duties as required by the Principal or supervisor as required.


Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with state law and with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.


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