Assistant Superintendent

Mountain Lakes School District | Mountain Lakes, NJ


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Posted Date 5/04/2022
Expiration Date5/24/2022
1. Valid New Jersey School Administrator Certificate
2. Minimum experience as determined by the Board
3.  Demonstrated leadership in school improvement, program development, curriculum integration and application of technology across the curriculum
4. Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status
REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools
SUPERVISES: Staff members as the superintendent may designate.
JOB GOAL:     To assist the superintendent substantively and effectively in the task of providing leadership in developing, achieving, and maintaining the best possible educational programs and services.
Professional Responsibilities:
  • Works with superintendent, Board, principals, faculty, and community members, as appropriate in developing the philosophy, goals, and policies of the instructional programs.
  • Assists the superintendent in the supervision and evaluation of district personnel and in the operation of the schools in the identification of school, staff, and students’ needs as they relate to the development, implementation, and assessment of curriculum and professional staff development activities.
  • Works with the administration and faculty in organizing and coordinating appropriate grade-level and departmental meetings as well as special committees, to affect horizontal and vertical continuity and articulation of the instructional program (K-12) throughout the district.
  • Assists the Superintendent to provide leadership in the development and implementation of a comprehensive program for the assessment of personnel, instruction, and curriculum. Included in this responsibility is the observation and evaluation of designated personnel.
  • Demonstrates leadership in assessment needs, planning, administering, and evaluating a multi-faceted inservice education program for both the administrative and instructional staff in the district.
  • Supervises the actions of administrators, teachers, and faculty committees in developing and implementing the curriculum for all levels.
  • Supervises the development of curriculum documents and related materials prepared by personnel in the district.
  • Supervises the process of selection of textbooks and instructional materials
  • for the district in cooperation with building principals and faculty.
  • Keeps informed of developments in curriculum and demonstrates leadership implementing appropriate instructional materials, strategies, and programs.
  • Serves as district representative to various county, state, and national curricula associations and committees.
  • Assists the superintendent and building administrators in the development and coordination of the sections of the budget that pertain to curriculum and instruction.
  • Assumes responsibility for assessing, reviewing, and sharing results of state and district-wide testing programs, and for other evaluative measures used by the schools with designated staff.
  • Investigates and recommends programs and initiatives grounded in the best research and interests of the students.
  • Helps to ensure a system of accountability for the academic, social, and emotional development of students.
  • Is attentive to and monitors the learning climates in all school buildings and the District.
  • Promotes the most effective and appropriate technologies to support teaching and learning.
  • Continually monitors the academic programs in all content areas and at all grade levels to ensure viability, efficiency, and compliance with national and state standards.
  • Researches and applies for relevant grants.
  • Maintains updated knowledge base of instructional practices geared toward a diversity of learners.
  • Protects the confidentiality of student records and information systems.
  • Assists in the completion and oversight of all mandated reports.
  • Mediates parent, community, Board, and staff concerns about the curriculum and ensures timely and effective response and resolution.
  • Conducts ongoing review of student data to address issues regarding student achievement, student attendance, and student supports and services.
  • Observes classrooms to assess curriculum effectiveness and assists school administrators in establishing and maintaining a positive learning environment.
  • Ensures curriculum alignment with the Standards.
  • Plans for instructional research, pilot studies for curriculum and instruction, and new courses for students.
  • Assesses curricular results of programs and addresses areas in need of improvement.
  • Oversees preparation for QSAC monitoring.
  • Assists the Superintendent in hiring of new personnel; plans, directs, coordinates, and participates in the recruitment of personnel and recommends to the superintendent certified and support staff candidates on the basis of their qualifications for the particular position they are to fill in cooperation with building administrators.
  • Works with designees to ensure that all personnel records are maintained and updated.
  • Maintains clearly stated policies, regulations, and procedures related to the function, rights, and responsibilities of the staff.
  • Ensures that those directly affected by personnel policies have knowledge of relevant policies and procedures.
  • Coordinates an effective orientation program for all new staff members.
  • Monitors personnel policies.
  • Plans, directs, coordinates, and participates in ensuring compliance with all applicable Federal and State Law as it relates to personnel.
  • Supervises and evaluates principals, directors, and other administrators as determined by the Superintendent.
  • Ensures compliance with state and federal laws and regulations and District policies governing personnel matters such as FMLA, FLA, workers’ compensation and employee benefits.
  • Promotes effective communication and collaboration among staff.
  • Oversees state mentoring compliance and District mentoring of newly employed professional and support staff.
  • Manages all personnel actions: recruitment, assignment, transfer, reassignment, promotion, demotion, nonrenewal, and termination.
  • Ensures all mandated trainings are completed in a timely fashion.
  • Conducts investigations regarding affirmative action issues or claims of discrimination.
  • Keeps updated on new theories, trends, and practices pertaining to grievances, legal issues, conflict resolution, suspension and termination.
  • Responsible for representing the District in the investigation and resolution of compliance issues and contractual disputes.
  • Responsible for employer/employee relations, labor negotiations, contractual agreements, and grievance processing.
  • Serves as the link to Business Services (data processing, payroll, worker’s compensation, etc.).
  • Assists with collective negotiations for all bargaining units.
  • Maintains personnel records and is responsible for completion of reports as required by state and federal agencies.
  • Represents or assists in the representation of the District at compliance agency hearings including but not limited to judicial proceedings, PERC, OCR, EEOC, and Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.
  • Maintains the confidentiality of personnel records and discussions regarding personnel matters.
  • Remains current on research based practice in educational program design and system improvement.
  • Coordinates the design and implementation of programs for special populations.
  • Oversees the student teaching and mentoring process.
  • Oversees, organizes and reviews district plans to ensure compliance with NJDOE and ESSA mandates.
  • Serves as district liaison to county and state agencies, including QSAC, Curriculum Council and ESSA.
  • Ensures that the quality of observation and performance reports as written capture and reinforce the district’s instructional standards as articulated in the Board adopted curriculum/programs and student learning standards.
  • Attends and facilities district-level committees.
  • Promotes the professional development of District administrators.
  • Performs all other duties as may be assigned by the Superintendent.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 12 Month Salary Based on Experience

EVALUATION: Completed by the Superintendent
Approved: August 12, 2019

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