Coordinator Of Mechanics

Elizabeth Public Schools | Elizabeth, NJ


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Posted Date 9/13/2023
Expiration Date10/08/2023


Title: Coordinator of Mechanics


  1. Minimum of a BA degree.


Minimum of three (3) years experience in the area of administration and/or supervision; or a total minimum of seven (7) years in private and/or public operations for plant, property and equipment; and high school diploma or equivalent.

  1. Administration and communication skills.
  1. Required criminal history background check and proof of S. citizenship or legal resident alien status.

Reports to:

Director of Plant, Property, and Equipment


Plant, Property, and Equipment Staff,

Performance Requirements:

  1. Coordinate all the facility-maintenance activities and minor renovation projects.
  2. Examines District facilities on a regular basis for purpose of preventive maintenance.
  3. Determines which repair jobs may be performed by District Mechanics and which must be performed by the outside Contractors, and advises the Director of Plant, Property & Equipment.
  4. Assumes primary responsibility for intrusion and fire alarm systems; and District key system.
  5. Prepare budget recommendation to the Director of Plant, Property & Equipment.
  6. Coordinate all equipment maintenance contracts.
  7. Supervise the Districts Mechanics and General Repairmen.
  1. Work with the Director of Plant, Property, and Equipment and other administrators, architects, attorneys and financial advisors in planning, construction, contracting and in acquiring suitable financing.
  1. Supervise the preparation of all plans and specifications for the erection, improvement or repair of public school buildings.
  1. Oversee the construction of all new school buildings.
  1. Direct in-service training to improve skills of personnel in the Plant, Property and Equipment Division.
  1. Inspect all work done by outside contractors and condemn any work which does not conform to the specifications of the contract with the Board.
  1. Work with the Director of Plant, Property, and Equipment and other administrators in supervising the maintenance and operation of the District’s facilities, and the custodial staff.
  1. Supervise all repairs to the District’s buildings and property.
  1. Make staffing recommendations to the Director of Plant, Property, and Equipment relative to appointments, transfers, discipline and non-renewals.
  1. Helps to establish goals and objectives in accordance with the Districts’ strategic plan.
  1. Performs other related duties as may be assigned by the Director of Plant, Property, and Equipment.

Terms of Employment:

Twelve (12) months; non-tenurable.

Evaluated by the Director of Plant, Property, and Equipment at least once per academic year.

Compensation and benefits as established by the collective negotiations agreement.

Date Approved: December 15, 2016


Type of Job (K-12 or Higher Ed.)

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