English as a Second Language Teacher

Compass Academy Charter School | Vineland, NJ

Posted Date 2/22/2021
Expiration Date3/24/2021


Job Description: English as a Second Language Teacher

Job Goal:
1. The successful candidate will hold at minimum a Bachelor’s Degree and certification as appropriate.
2. All teachers will be required to provide a copy of a valid New Jersey Certificate before employment is offered.
3. Applicants must demonstrate cultural sensitivity, ability to communicate with parents and students, have mastery of subject matter content, hold high expectations of students and possess basic understanding of child development.
4. Teachers must be committed to the school design and philosophy.

• Demonstrated expertise in the assigned subject(s), as evidenced by personal skills and knowledge, an undergraduate major or minor or graduate degree in the assigned subject or direct subject-area teaching experience.
• Possess valid New Jersey Teaching Certification (Alternate Route candidates will be considered) and appropriate subject matter certification if the school configuration progresses into a content area configuration.
• Hold an ESL or TESOL certification.
• Hold a Degree in English Language, English Literature or similar field.
• All teaching staff will meet the Highly Qualified Teacher Status as defined in NCLB.
• Successful teaching experience in a classroom setting.
• Demonstrated commitment to instruction that incorporates the Let Me Learn Process®
• Demonstrated oral and written communication skills.
• Demonstrated ability to engage the interest of young people.
• Evidence of flexibility and sense of humor.
• Demonstrated ability to work with a diverse group of children.
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively with parents.
• Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a team member.
• Demonstrated ability to evaluate student assessments.
• Demonstrated willingness to be held accountable for student academic achievement.

Performance Responsibilities:
• Adhere to the Compass Academy Charter School mission and educational philosophy including all curricula and the Let Me Learn Process®.
• Participate in ongoing professional development including but not limited to expanding expertise in the Let Me Learn Process®, remaining current with regard to education literature, maintaining and enriching personal expertise in all assigned subject areas and seeking opportunities for curricular enrichment that are outside of the classroom as well as within it. This may include inviting specialists and/or experts in to visit/teach students. • Follow all national and regional policies for teaching English as a second language.
• Develop lesson plans that ensure the attainment of NJSLS and the additional specific grade-by-grade level benchmarks for all subjects.
• Facilitate differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all students through the use of the Let Me Learn Process® by developing long and short-term planning addressing the needs of individual students based on their personal learning technology.
• Develop and use a variety of assessments (e.g., quizzes, rubrics, written work, performance and projects) that incorporate personal strategies.
• Measure and report on students’ progress towards the school’s exit outcomes, including skills and content knowledge as well as personal growth in their intentional use of learning strategies.
• Prepare students adequately for all required assessments by the use of decoding, metacognition, and personalized strategies.
• Keep an accounting of all records for students, updating as needed.
• Communicate with parents on an ongoing basis to provide information, learn more about students, share student successes and respond to parent concerns effectively and in a timely manner.
• Encourage students’ positive interactions by applying teambuilding strategies and compacts with other students and adults.
• Value and promote peaceful conflict resolution and creative and authentic problem solving by understanding each learner’s personhood.
• Keep an organized classroom for the purpose of engaging in effective and appropriate classroom management.
• Exhibit student work.
• Maintain and communicate high academic and personal expectations for all students with families, support staff, specialty teachers, and administrators.
• Provide an inviting, exciting, innovative, learning environment where students are partners in their own learning.
• Create a culture of shared leadership between student and teacher in the classroom.
• Work collaboratively with cooperating teacher (if any) to develop and achieve the goals of students’ needs.
• Perform other duties, as assigned by the Superintendent, to support the ongoing development of the Compass Academy Charter School, as deemed appropriate.

Reports to:

Terms of Employment:
Work year and salary to be determined by the Board of Trustees

Performance will be evaluated annually by the Superintendent in accordance with the state laws and Board Policy for evaluation of certified staff.


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