Supervisor of Curriulum and Special Education

Monmouth Beach Board of Education | MONMOUTH BEACH, NJ

Posted Date 3/17/2023
Expiration Date3/31/2023




  1. Masters Degree in special education or educational administration/leadership; demonstrated familiarity with special education law and regulations; Certificate of Eligibility (CE) for supervisor or school principal.
  2. Demonstrated leadership in school improvement, program development and curriculum integration and application of technology across the curriculum
  3. Minimum experience as determined by the board in the areas of (a) special education services and (b) supervision of staff
  4. Broad knowledge of state and federal special education laws, regulations, procedures and reporting requirements 
  5. Demonstrated ability to effectively administer special education programs and to work with parents, community groups and agencies
  6. Strong leadership and communication skills
  7. Ability to plan, organize and administer a district-level professional development program
  8. Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status

REPORTS TO: Principal/Superintendent of Schools

SUPERVISES: Instructional staff as assigned


To provide leadership in the development, implementation and coordination of the district's K-12 curriculum.

To provide leadership and direction to enable special education pupils to benefit from their educational opportunities to the fullest by eliminating or ameliorating problems that interfere with student learning.



Curriculum Leadership

  1. Works with Superintendent/Principal, Vice-Principal and  teachers in developing the total school curriculum, and assists in the formulation of a philosophy and objectives for the instructional plan.
  2. Studies, evaluates, and, as appropriate, recommends to the superintendent the adoption of new instructional materials, methods and programs, including tutoring and remedial instruction.
  3. Provides leadership in the development of the K-12 instructional program and achievement of state core curriculum content standards and district goals and objectives.
  4. Assists in the implementation of the district's in-service education program for the instructional staff and recommends teacher attendance at conferences and participation in other professional growth activities.
  5. Participates in the work of state and national curriculum study organizations and groups.
  6. Recommends to the superintendent the addition of new courses, grade placement and credit allowance, and graduation requirements.
  7. Writes and updates curriculum as needed
  8. Produces curriculum bulletins, guides, or directories to be distributed to the staff as required.


Special Education Leadership

  1. Provides leadership in the development of the district's special education program; coordinates and supervises related activities.  Evaluates existing programs and makes recommendations for improvements. 
  2. Keeps informed of all legal requirements governing special education, keeps staff informed of legal requirements and ensures that all requirements under administrative code, state/federal law and board policy are met.
  3. Serves as a member of the child study team.  Assumes responsibility for the preparation and timely submission of all required documents and reports, in order to assure district compliance with legal requirements of this process.   Monitors the implementation of IEPs.
  4. Recommends policies and programs essential to the needs of special education children.
  5. Establishes procedures for evaluation, placement and reappraisal of students in need of special education and/or related services.
  6. Supervises and coordinates home instruction for homebound or hospitalized special education pupils.
  7. Assumes responsibility for district compliance with regulations regarding school special education programs.  Plans, develops and coordinates the district's system of special education services.   
  8. Oversees the development and effective delivery of the district's special education program, including the development and maintenance of the cumulative records of students receiving special services.

  9. Prepares and submits required state and federal reports, such as IDEA and IDEA grants, Annual Data             Report, ASSA Report, End of the Year Report, Extraordinary Aid Application.

Constructive Interaction with staff

  1. Cooperates with the school CST, counseling services, vice-principal, superintendent and staff in planning the instructional program and support services for special education pupils and other students with special needs. 
  2. Conducts classroom observations and provides supervision/evaluation of teachers and non-certified staff as requested by building principals or central office administrative staff.
  3. Coordinates professional development opportunities as appropriate

Contact with Parents and Community

  1. Initiates, facilitates and maintains liaison with community agencies and other resources to meet pupils' special needs.  Refers parents and child to agencies when appropriate.
  2. Interprets the objectives of the district's special education program to parents, students, staff and the community. 
  3. Meets with parents to discuss implementation of the IEP and to resolve grievances.


Information and resources 

  1. Maintains a curriculum reference library for the use of the staff and collaborates with Superintendent/Principal, vice-principal and teachers to develop a common file of community resources to enhance the instructional program.
  2. Secures and makes available to the staff samples of various instructional materials, textbooks and curriculum guides.


  1. Coordinates the selection of textbooks and instructional materials throughout the district through the use of faculty committees and recommends those selected to the superintendent for adoption by the board of education.
  2. Keeps abreast of and interprets to the staff the current research in the area of curriculum development, teaching and learning.


  1. Assists in the development and coordination of the sections of the budget that pertain to curriculum and Special Education.   
  2. Coordinates professional development to meet instructional needs, as assigned.
  3. Coordinates tutoring and remedial instruction, as assigned.
  4. Performs other duties as may be assigned by the superintendent.


EMPLOYMENT: Salary and work year to be determined by the board of education


EVALUATION:  Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with NJ State law and the provisions of the board’s policy on evaluations. 

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