Maintenance - Custodian - SUBSTITUTE

Black Horse Pike Regional School District | Blackwood, NJ


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Posted Date 6/08/2022
Expiration Date12/31/2022

The Black Horse Pike Regional School District has immediate openings for Maintenance SUBSTITUTE workers.

1. Demonstrated aptitude for successful completion of the listed tasks and responsibilities.
2. New hires need to obtain a black seal license within one year of employment.
3. Valid NJ Driver’s License

1. Sweep assigned classrooms, corridors, and support areas on a daily basis when school is in session.
2. Dust furniture, sills, chalk trays, shelves, and baseboards on a daily basis when school is in session.
3. Remove graffiti and foreign substances from floors, walls, and furniture in assigned areas and reports all incidents to the night foreman on a form developed for this purpose.
4. Scrub and disinfect toilets, sinks, water fountains, tile walls and floors, on a daily basis in assigned lavatories, locker rooms, and corridors that were used that day.
5. Remain available for snow removal and other school emergencies.
6. Perform assigned floor stripping, scrubbing, waxing, sealing and buffing as scheduled by the building foreman.
7. Assist with major cleaning and refurbishing tasks, during school closing periods, as assigned by the building foreman.
8. Change light bulbs and fluorescent tubes in assigned areas.
9. Wet mop dirty areas and spills when needed.
10. Wash windows in assigned areas at least once per month.
11. Clean used whiteboards as needed.
12. Report observed repair needs and damage daily to the night foreman.
13. Maintain security in rooms being cleaned by keeping them locked when not in use and close all windows, lower shades to the designated point, turn off the lights, and lock doors when finished cleaning each room or area.
14. Move furniture, supplies, materials and equipment within the building as required for educational and other activities as directed by the foreman.
15. Assume the responsibility for opening the building, when assigned by the foreman. This shall include turning off security alarm, checking to see that boiler controls have switched to the proper day cycle, removal of all security devices from exterior doors, and dogging down crash hardware for designated entrances to permit entrance of staff and pupils.
16. Will be responsible for constant security checks throughout the shift. This shall include closing and locking all windows. Checking all exterior doors are closed and locked. Report any safety concerns to the building foreman immediately.
17. Third shift personnel are responsible for checking all doors and windows ensuring the building is locked and secure when the second shift leaves.
18. Assume the responsibility for closing the building, when assigned by the foreman. This shall include checking all doors and windows to be certain they are closed and locked, pulling shut and locking all exterior doors, and activating the intrusion alarm system.
19. Make certain custodial closets contain sufficient supplies to conduct the next day's cleaning and maintain closets in a neat and clean manner.
20. Refill paper towel, toilet tissue and other assigned dispensing devices daily, when assigned by the foreman, collect monies from dispensing devices and deposit it in the school safe as directed by the foreman.
21. Remove trash, rubbish, and waste materials from assigned areas on a daily basis and comply with the rules and laws governing disposal of such materials including recycle; wash trash receptacles that contain garbage, wet substances or are particularly dirty.
22. Return keys and two way radio daily in accordance with security system developed by the Facilities Director.
23. Perform minor repairs such as but not limited to replacement or reinstallation of pencilsharpeners; lubrication of lock cylinders and door hinges; cleaning unit ventilator filters; replacement of ceiling tiles; replacement of furniture seats, backs, floor guides, and other parts; replacement of worn or damaged window shades or cords; and sanding of corkboard.
24. Paint metal and wood surfaces, when directed by the foreman.
25. Vacuum carpets and mats in assigned areas daily.
26. Dust walls, light fixtures, and ceilings at least once per week.
27. Remove "found" items to the area designated by the principal.
28. Scrub and wax furniture, sills, shelving, baseboards, cabinets and other surfaces, as assigned by the foreman.
29. Perform minor mechanical tasks with instruction from the supervisor.
30. Assist with emergencies as directed by the supervisor, including weekends and holidays. When called in on weekends or holidays compensation shall be at time and half or compensating time will be granted the same week.


Per policy 4125, the district will give preference to qualified individuals who are residents of the Black Horse Pike Regional School District.


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