Intervention Teacher (Math)

METS Charter School | Jersey City, NJ

Posted Date 9/08/2018
Expiration Date10/08/2018

Intervention Teacher (Math)


1. Provide continuous systematic procedures and opportunities for professional growth for teachers (e.g., through demonstrations, in-service courses, workshops, seminars, etc.). 2. Provide for his/her own professional growth by attending demonstrations, in-service courses, workshops, seminars, conferences etc., as approved by the School Principal. 3. Assist in the evaluation of on-going programs and make recommendations for change. 4. Provide new teachers with orientation regarding philosophy, procedures and materials on district curriculum. 5. Work as a resource to teachers by providing assistance with struggling learners by utilizing professional/classroom materials, modeling, collaborative lesson planning, and intervention ideas. 6. Help teachers diagnose reading strengths and weaknesses and align these skills to appropriate techniques and materials. 7. Assist teachers by modeling lessons and providing consultation and intervention when requested. 8. Conduct assessments to determine students' ability and learning styles. 9. Create reading plans to match student ability and learning styles. 10. Collaboratively develop and analyze formative assessments to help make instructional decisions. 11. Assist building principal and teachers with assessments and other needs in the area of mathematics. 12. Be responsible for implementing, teaching and monitoring the plan of remedial math instruction. 13. Assist district supervisor with school-wide mathematics intervention programs. 14. Consult with administrators, parents and teachers to recommend at-home strategies to improve math skills. 15. Assist with keeping the community informed as to the purpose and progress of district Mathematics curricula. 16. Keep school staff informed as to new developments in teaching and learning. 17. Collaborate with and actively participate as a member of the I&RS team. 18. Analyze district wide data to identify areas in need of improvement and modify curricula. 19. Work with the classroom teachers and district personnel to coordinate mathematics and instruction designed to meet the individual needs of students. 20. Perform other related duties as regulated or assigned by School Principal.

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