Director of Athletics / Health and Physical Education (Anticipated)

Cumberland Regional School District | Bridgeton, NJ


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Posted Date 9/16/2022
Expiration Date9/30/2022
Director of Athletics/Health and Physical Education  (Anticipated)


To organize and supervise all athletic activities and the health & physical education department as well as assist in the daily operation of the school.

  • New Jersey Principal Certificate
  • Minimum of five years experience in position preferred
  • Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status

A.    Athletic Performance Responsibilities

  1. Be responsible to the principal for all matters involving interscholastic athletics.
  2. Represent the school at athletic meetings when assigned by the administration.
  3. Prepare a budget each year to cover the required expenditures necessary to the total interscholastic athletic program, submit to principal for approval.
  4. Be responsible for submitting requisitions for all athletic equipment and supplies and preparing any bid specifications as needed.
  5. Present athletic purchase orders during the school year as needed.
  6. Supervise all financial transactions regarding the athletic program. Work with the Student Activities Account Manager to:
  • Provide numbered tickets and an adequate cash box for all home athletic events where tickets are sold.
  • Be responsible for the safe storage of all proceeds.
  • Prepare all checks for payment of officials, security, and other personnel.
  • Provide a numbered voucher explaining the expenditure for each check drawn.
  • File all requests, reports and forms in a timely manner.
  • Request revenue to sustain program from the school business administrator 10 days prior to any regular board meeting.
  • Maintain accurate financial records of all aspects of the athletic program and file monthly reports to the principal and the school business administrator for approval.
  • Prepare all vouchers, game receipts, and books in June for the yearly audit.
  • Arrange for all necessary security for home athletic contests.

B.    Supervise the collection, distribution, and storage of all athletic equipment including

  1. Secure approval for and coordinate all activities with the administration.
  2. File all reports, requests, records and forms in a timely manner.
  3. Maintain an accurate inventory of all athletic equipment and file a report by June 30th of each year, to building principal.
  4. Plan, coordinate, and supervise the distribution and collection of all athletic equipment.
  5. Cooperate with athletic coaches in any matter related to the athletic equipment.
  6. File a written report on equipment issued and collected for each sport to the principal for approval.
  7. Be responsible for the safe storage of all athletic equipment.
  8. Be aware of student safety and health and take all reasonable steps to provide for safe student use of equipment.
  9. Be available to instruct the athletes in the proper manner of daily care of the equipment. 

C.   Hold regular professional meetings with members of the coaching staff to review standards and specialized procedures

  1. Carefully supervise the length, type, and time of all practices on varsity and sub-varsity levels.
  2. Make specific recommendations to coaches when changes are essential. 

D.   Other Duties

  1. Evaluate and make recommendations in writing on each coach and athletic trainer at the completion of his/her respective season.
  2. Arrange schedules for all athletic contests of the high school and file contracts in the athletics office.
  3. Submit athletic schedules to the Board of Education for approval in June for Fall sports, in November for Winter sports, and in February for Spring sports.
  4. Arrange transportation for all athletic teams and cheerleaders, coordinating with the transportation supervisor.
  5. Contract for all home game officials and have checks set to pay officials.
  6. Check the eligibility of athletes periodically and at the start of each season and apprise coaches of the status of team members.
  7. Be responsible for publicity and press releases concerning athletics. Submit a monthly report to  the principal for the monthly report to the BOE.
  8. Assume leadership in the development of varsity, JV and freshman programs.
  9. Attend all games, meets, and contests, both at home and away events as authorized by the building principal and/or superintendent of schools.
  10. Prepare awards as needed for all sports and cheerleading to be presented to the awards banquets.
  11. Work with the principal to organize pep rallies.
  12. Approve all recommendations for athletic awards.
  13. Provide for the proper administration and supervision of all athletic contests, including security police for home games.
  14. Arrange with the school nurse and school medical examiner for all athletes to have medical exams.
  15. Assist in interviewing applicants and recommend to the principal the most qualified persons available for coaching positions.
  16. Stimulate cooperation among the coaches of the various sports and among coaches, teachers and administrators concerning general athletic policies.
  17. Work closely with the guidance department  concerning athletes who fall into disciplinary trouble.
  18. Work with the building and grounds supervisor concerning maintenance and preparations of gymnasiums and fields.
  19. Contact and secure the rescue squad to be on call at all home contests and to provide a unit at all home football games.
  20. Schedule and coordinate the use of our athletic facilities during the year and in the summer for all district and board approved events.
  21. Secure sites in sports where the school district cannot provide proper facilities.
  22. Provide the administration, staff, maintenance supervisor and transportation supervisor with weekend and holiday schedules on a weekly basis.
  23. Assist students and coaches in applying to colleges and for scholarships.
  24. Schedule all Meet the Coaches Nights prior to the beginning of the individual season.
  25. Plan and meet with athletes prior to season to discuss athletic expectations and sportsmanship.
  26. Perform any other related activities as directed by the principal

A.   Health and Physical Education Department Responsibilities

Evaluate staff as assigned by the building principal.
Coordinate the efforts of teachers within department through regular monthly meetings, written feedback from staff concerning tasks assigned/completed.
Assist with the screening of teacher candidates for his/her department.
Assist in the orientation of new teaching staff members.
Resolve conflict and work through conflict situations with teachers related to curriculum and instructional activities, personalities, the noise level within cubes, etc.
Prepare a unified budget for the department, through development of bid lists, delineation of needed items, purchase requests, and the maintenance of an active inventory.
Maintain an inventory and distribute textbooks, instructional supplies, and equipment within the department.
Participate in county and state subject matter meetings.
Offer assistance as a peer instructor and mentor to effect improvement of instruction within the instructional area.  Make suggestions when necessary and commend superior performance.
Articulate the total school curriculum and implement this articulation in such a manner as directed by the Director of Curriculum. Inform staff of latest trends and concepts as derived from his/her attendance of professional workshops and seminars.
Review department tests, test results and grade distribution periodically or when needed to informally assess validity of test content and learning transfer.
Review midterm/final exam instruments and exam results to assess the cognitive level of the test items, appropriateness of the question style and format for the content area and consistency of implementation among teachers of like courses.
Facilitate staff development within the department and prepare data associated with department.
Review lesson plans on a weekly basis
Perform such other curricular and instructional duties related to the department as may be assigned by the Principal, Director of Curriculum, or Superintendent.


High School Principal.


12-month position.


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