School Nurse

College Achieve Charter School | Asbury Park, NJ

Posted Date 2/19/2021
Expiration Date3/21/2021

Job description

 Job Title:  School Nurse

Reports To:  The Executive Director (Asbury Campus)

Nature and Scope of Job:  To serve as a health specialist who assist pupils, staff and families in attaining and maintaining an optimum level of wellness and promotes positive health habits and attitudes.  The Certified School Nurse practices within New Jersey law and the board’s policies and administrative guidelines.


•Valid license as a registered professional nurse in New Jersey
•Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university.
•School Nurse certificate in New Jersey.
•Current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certificate


Job Functions and Responsibilities

1.Assess the physical well-being and growth and development of the pupil by screening for: vision, color perception, dental, hearing, blood pressure, height and weight, scoliosis and such other screening(s) as required by the Board of Education and the State of New Jersey.
2.Coordinate and assist the school medical inspector with student physical examinations.
3.Administer prescribed medications and/or treatments, when necessary for pupils to attend school, as established by the Board of Education and the State of New Jersey.
4.Administer first aid to pupils and staff in accordance with Board of Education approved first aid procedures.
5.Provide health counseling to pupils, parents and staff.
6.Provide special health care and related services to meet the needs of handicapped pupils as established by federal law.
7.Maintain a comprehensive health services record system and complete all reports as established by the Board of Education and the State of New Jersey.
8.Coordinate the health referral process and communicate health findings to appropriate persons and agencies.
9.Identify pupils with special health needs and develop, implement, and evaluate individualized health care plans, within the scope of school nursing practice.
10.Maintain a current list of pupils with special health needs and communicate this information on a “need to know basis” to appropriate staff.
11.Consult with staff regarding modification or changes of the educational environment necessitated by the pupils’ specific health problems or developmental status.
12.Provide guidance for the maintenance of the school environment which is safe and sanitary and notify appropriate school personnel of identified safety hazards.
13.Serve as a resource person in health education instruction for pupils and staff.
14.Perform other school health related tasks as assigned by the Executive Director in accordance with regulations established by College Achieve and the State of New Jersey.


Salary Range

Commensurate with Experience


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