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Posted Date 8/01/2022
Expiration Date8/15/2022



The Pittsgrove Township Board of Education is seeking a qualified candidate to fill the following vacancy, effective September 2022:




REPORTS TO:  School Business Administrator


SUPERVISES:  Shared Services - Business Office Staff, Shared Services Operations, Transportation Staff and other non-certified personnel as directed by the School Business Administrator


JOB GOAL To maintain all records and correspondence of the Board of Education as contracted through Shared Services, as directed by New Jersey Statutes, and to manage all financial affairs of the district to provide optimum educational services.


QUALIFICATION:  Appropriate New Jersey Certification (0109)



  1. To keep all contracts, securities, records, and documents belonging to the Board of Education.
  1. To serve as the general accountant of the Board and keep correct and detailed accounts of all financial transactions as prescribed by status and Board regulation.
  1. To act as official purchasing agent of the Board of Education including monitoring all requisitioning
  1. To audit all claims, invoices, and demands against the Board of Education and to present those to the Board for
  1. To report to the Board at each regular meeting on all financial transactions and on the status of all accounts of the Board.
  1. To prepare a detailed report of all financial transactions of the Board at the end of the fiscal year, and file a copy of the same with the County
  1. To be responsible for the advertisement and tabulation of all bids and the notification of all contracts awarded in the name of the
  1. To attend all Board meetings, record all proceedings of the Board, and in accordance with the Superintendent of Schools handle Board correspondence.
  1. To notify all members of the Board of all regular and special meetings of the Board.
  1. To take actions to ensure that all tuitions, fees, and monies collected that are due to the Board of Education and transfer the same to the Custodian of School Funds.
  1. To supervise the preparation of the payrolls for certificated and non-certificated personnel, making sure that all deductions are made, as required by law, and transmitting all wage deductions to the proper authority and submitting all necessary information.
  1. To have general responsibility for the operation of the insurance program.
  1. To supervise all district-operated transportation services, including proper operation and maintenance of vehicles, as well as monitoring transportation agreements.
  1. To be responsible for general supervision and financial reporting to the Board and other agencies of Federal and State Government for the business operations of the school food services program.
  1. To work with the Board, Superintendent, and other members of the administrative team, architects, and attorneys; in planning future construction, contracting and acquiring suitable financing.
  1. To oversee the hiring, training, supervision, and evaluation of all noncertified personnel as directed by the Superintendent and Board.
  1. To assist the Superintendent in planning and preparing the annual budget as well as long-term planning and allocation of resources.
  1. In conjunction with the Superintendent, to help interpret the budget and other financial concerns to the
  1. To act as advisor to the Superintendent on all questions relating to business and financial affairs.
  1. To perform other duties from time to time as a member of the administration that may be prescribed by law or directed by the Board and/or Superintendent in the best interest of the educational


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  12 months. Salary to be determined by Board.


EVALUATION:  In accordance with Board policy.




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