School Nurse- Cumberland Campus

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Posted Date 6/24/2022
Expiration Date8/22/2022

School Nurse-Cumberland Campus


Reports To: Designated Supervisor


Certification and Qualifications:

  1. Current New Jersey R.N. Licensure and School Nurse Certification and Bachelor’s Degree preferred (as determined by State Department of Education).
  2. Required Criminal History background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal alien status
  3. Current CPR Certification

Function of the Position:

To promote positive attitudes toward health via delivery of health services, health counseling and health education.  The school nurse must function efficiently and humanistically in this demanding multi-faceted role. 

Duties and Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Provides first aid for emergencies and illnesses of students and staff
  2. Follows philosophy, policies and procedures of the local school district
  3. Remains abreast of current developments in the health field
  4. Maintains a complete up-to-date immunization data, tuberculosis testing, scoliosis screening and strep throat cultures
  5. Council’s students, staff and parents concerning health problems
  6. Plans and conducts the screening examinations and health appraisals as established by law and Board policy.  Makes referrals as indicated.
  7. Helps formulate policies and procedure for health services
  8. Works congruently with other professional personnel in developing the health education curriculum
  9. Acts as a resource person in health education and presents health lessons in specific areas, i.e., dental, nutritional
  10. Participates as an active member of the Child Study Team
  11. Administers prescribed medication to students as per specified, approved written procedure.
  12. Utilized community health resources as the need arises
  13. Disseminates health career information
  14. Recommends the adaptation of the school environment to meet the needs of the medically limited student and staff member and promotes a safe physical plant
  15. Cooperates in handling requests for free and reduced lunch
  16. Supervises health aides when assigned
  17. Assumes responsibility for the temporary care of a student or staff member suffering injury or emergency illness
  18. Prepares reports as may be required by Federal, State or local guidelines

School Nurse

  1. Implement and/or follow administrative regulations and directives, Board Policy and State Law
  2. Strive to establish cooperative relations with parents and students, which include such things as: being available to students and parents for education-related purposes outside the instructional day
  3. Cooperate with other staff members in educational matters
  4. Continue his/her own professional growth
  5. Other action as assigned by administration

Terms of Employment:  

Ten-month year.    Salary and work year to be according to current contract.


 Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.

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