Part Time Security Aide

Penns Grove Carneys Point Regional School District | Penns Grove, NJ

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Posted Date
Expiration Date12/14/2019



1. Minimum of high school degree required.

2. Ability to work well with high school-aged students.

3. Ability to work well with professional teaching and administrative staff.

4. Good communication skills.

5. Previous experience working in a school setting, preferably at the senior high school level.

6. A record of excellent job related attendance.

7. Ability to be eligible for employment as determined through completion of the required I-9 form and fingerprint mandate.

REPORTS TO: High School Principal or his designee

JOB GOAL: To support administration in providing a safe learning environment.


The Monitors are under the direct supervision of the School Administration and are to work as directed by them.

1. Report to the School Administration at the beginning of the school day and at any other such times as may be directed by them.

2. Patrol the corridors at all times unless otherwise directed.

3. Assist the professional staff in maintaining order in the cafeteria during lunch periods.

4. Monitor the lavatories and locker rooms to ensure the privacy and safety of students.

5. Assist in the general overall supervision of large group meetings, such as class meetings, assemblies, pep rallies, etc.

6. Assist in the removal of trespassers and incorrigible students.

7. Check visitors in the building at all times for proper credentials.

8. Assist administrators in carrying out rules and regulations when requested.

9. Alert administrators when suspicious about concealed or potentially lethal or dangerous objects, materials, substances or weapons and possibly apprehend them if necessary.

10. Assist in the search and seizure for objects during bomb scares.

11. Assist in general supervision during safety drills.

12. Routinely patrol all school grounds.

13. Perform other duties as assigned by the administration to ensure the safety and welfare of students.


1. Cafeteria Duty – Lunch Time

During lunch hours, monitors should remain visibly on duty. On different days, different positions should be taken – reporting unruly and potentially unruly students to faculty, supervisors and/or administrators.

1. Lunch or a coffee break must be taken during class time and not during change of periods or student lunchtime.

Suggestion: Monitor A – 12:26 – 12:53

(Reg. Bell) Monitor B – 12:53 – 1:20


1. When monitors are on duty, they should observe the following basic guidelines:

    1. Hall Patrol and Supervision, i.e.:

1. Checking passes intermittently

2. Checking restrooms regularly

3. Checking and monitoring of student locker rooms as assigned by principal

4. Patrolling of grounds regularly paying specific attention to the parking lots, automobiles, and buses.

5. Monitors are not to smoke while on duty and should not station themselves in Faculty-Chairman’s Office areas unless on break time.

6. Monitors at all times are requested to help teachers and administrators in their execution of rules and regulations.

7. In the event of authorized large group sessions, monitors are to remain very visible and in an assistance-supervisory role.

8. There will be no “breaks” taken during the passing of classes.


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