Director of Human Resources - School Administrator certificate (formerly known as Chief School Admin

Hillsborough Twp. Public Schools | Hillsborough, NJ


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Posted Date 5/23/2023
Expiration Date6/10/2023

Administration: Director



Title:    Director of Human Resources

Qualifications:    Minimum of five years in the field of human resources with specific experience in education or alternatives that the superintendent and board may find appropriate. 

Primary Function:    To assist the superintendent of schools in human resource responsibilities, strategic planning and public relations. 

Report Level:    Superintendent of Schools


Major Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Provide leadership in recruitment on all positions, including


  1. Advise on placement for all certified and non-certified employees, including


  1. Facilitate employee relations including


  1. Supervisor human resources areas including benefits, affirmative action and all other functions related to the office.


  1. Provide professional support including supervising the evaluation process, staff orientations, related professional development training and monitoring the provision teacher program.


  1. Design and implement plans for improved organizational


Performance Responsibility:


  1. Human Resources Administration
    1. Provide leadership on all issues relevant to staffing needs from recruitment to placement for all certified and non-certified employees including substitutes.
    2. Facilitate all negotiation procedures including, but not limited to, preparing relevant materials prior to negotiations and advising the board of education on current trends and contracts in similar districts throughout New Jersey.
    3. Maintain updated copies of all district Create an archive of past contracts including notes related to subsequent changes.
    4. Provide guidance on all grievance issues and related
    5. Provide leadership and supervise district procedures and practices in employee evaluations from scheduling to monitoring content, format and timelines.
    6. Provide appropriate professional development training on personnel issues including job-specific orientations for all new staff members and programs aligned to the district’s personnel policies and practices.
    7. Monitor the provisional teaching program for appropriate timelines and compliance with state
    8. Maintain, update, and assist with the development of appropriate job descriptions, policies and regulations for the district.


  1. Foster positive employee relations including employee recognition programs and an employee handbook outlining policies, procedures and benefits.
  2. Administer federal and state compliance requirements in employment practices including, but not limited to, Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity, Americans with Disabilities Act, Family and Medical Leave Act and Fair Labor Standards Act.
  3. Complete reports pertaining to personnel functions for federal, state and local
  4. Serve as custodian of government records of personnel


  1. Budget Development
    1. Work with other administrators to project staffing
    2. Develop/maintain staffing allocations per site or office for each labor
    3. Generate staffing, enrollment information and personnel-related expenses for the preliminary and annual budget reports.


  1. Public Relations
    1. Develop/conduct employee
    2. Participate in the development of newsletters/brochures.
    3. Draft text for employment opportunity announcements,
    4. Review, on an annual basis, postings and employment advertisements to ensure the highest quality recruitment tools.


  1. Professional Development
    1. Keep informed about current research, trends, and development in the areas of human services, information management, technology, and other areas within the spectrum of the responsibilities of this position. Based on this information, upgrade department as needed.
    2. Participate in local, county, state and national professional meetings, which are relevant to the needs of the Hillsborough Township Public Schools and its programs in accordance with board policy, district procedures and budgetary allocations for professional development.


  1. Perform all other tasks and assume such other duties as assigned by the

Terms of Employment

Twelve-months per year. Salary established by the board of education.




Performance of the position will be evaluated annually in accordance with the provisions of the board of education policy on evaluation of administrative personnel and this job description.

Type of Job (K-12 or Higher Ed.)

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