District English Language Arts Coach

Bellmawr School District | Bellmawr, NJ

Posted Date 6/15/2022
Expiration Date7/28/2022





TITLE: District English Language Arts Literacy Coach

(This is a middle ELA school coaching position responsible for the implementation of research-based classroom practices that support the needs of the students and staff.)




  1. Valid New Jersey Teaching Certification- Middle School with Subject Matter Specialization: Language Arts Literacy in Grades 5 – 8 (1106) and/or Teacher of English (1410) preferred  or Elementary NJ Elementary School Teacher K-8.
  2. Demonstrates strong skills in the areas of evidence-based instructional strategies and tiered interventions.
  3. Strong knowledge of New Jersey Learning Standards (NJSLS) and New Jersey Student Learning Standards for English Language Arts Companion Standards
  4. Experience with integrating Restorative Practices and PBSIS.
  5. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  6. Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship.
  7. Pass a physical examination in accordance with statue and board policy.



Reports to:  Chief Academic Officer


Job Goal: To work with teachers and administrators to improve student achievement in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. An  individual who is well versed in Reading/Writing content and pedagogy who works directly with teachers to improve student learning of English Language Arts.


Performance Responsibilities:

Provide content and skills in English language, literature, and composition, utilizing the course of study adopted by the Board of Education, and other appropriate learning activities as guidelines in teaching individual course content.


Collaborates well with colleagues of diverse backgrounds on pedagogical approaches, curricular alignment, and instructional strategies.

Model lessons using a variety of differentiated instructional techniques that are appropriate to the reading and writing instruction and to and meet the diverse needs of students.

Models teaching grammar and syntax, vocabulary and word usage and other principles of the English language.

Strong interpersonal and collaboration skills with the ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with all constituents.


Participation in collaborative grade level meetings to assist in the analysis and utilization of assessment data to improve the focus of instructional planning and student achievement.


Assists grade level teams in setting goals for improved instruction and RTI implementation.


Meets regularly with the administrators to review benchmarks and established data points to assess student progress towards established instructional goals.


Coach staff during the ELA block and in PLCs on best practices and standards-based instruction including providing demo lessons.

Work with staff to identify concerns with curriculum and instruction and support changes to address the concerns including goal setting, monitoring, and assessing the implemented changes.

Provide professional development for staff as directed by administration on research based high yield learning strategies.

Demonstrates a strong understanding of how to utilize teaching technology, writing checklists, and Google Comments for writing instruction.


Strong understanding of how to increase reading comprehension levels in grades 3-8


Experience with utilizing classroom data from programs such as Common Lit and Link It to drive classroom instruction.


Demonstrate  strong understanding of formative and summative assessment tools.


Experience teaching literary analysis, expository, compare/ contrast, and research simulation writing as well as modeling the RACE format and MLA format for writing.


Strong knowledge of active reading skills and tools.


Attends PLC meetings and professional trainings as directed.


Participate in school improvement activities as provided in the school’s School Improvement Plan.


Demonstrated professional behavior, including discretion, judgment, and integrity.


Performs other duties which may be within the scope of his/her employment and certifications as may be assigned by administration under authority of the board of education.




Ten months per year


Salary to be determined by the Board of Education negotiation process. Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with state law and provisions of the board's policy on the evaluation of certified staff.




Board of Education Date: April 2022



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